SPLASH is a Game Jam on a Luxury Cruise Ship in the Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian SPLASH invites to a different kind of jam, and a different backdrop. SPLASH is a game jam on a cruise, doubling both as a luxury mini vacation, but also as a creative journey to find inspiration in possible new ways.

This February 19th to February 22nd 2016, SPLASH jam goes on a cruise through the Norwegian fjords, from Tromsø to Trondheim. SPLASH organizers Henriette Myrlund and Runa Haukland offers a variety of luxury and comfort, but this is mixed with surroundings of breathtaking landscapes, and authentic natural areas.

“We really hope we will get to see some northern lights! Also there’s a heated pool and jacuzzi on deck, and it would be fun to see people jump in during brainstorming session or just because they can. We also have some super Norwegian surprises in store for the jammers, but we’ll keep that a secret for now!”

“Other than that, hundred people from almost twenty different countries are coming, and we can’t wait to meet everyone! All in all we want the participants to have a good time, do some bad puns about ships, get to know some new people, and make some cool games.”, says Henriette and Runa


Henriette Myrlund Creative Producer at Plus Point & Project Manager at Framverk

The ticket includes a bed in a single or 2-person-cabin, with extra charges applying for the single room. Apart from developing games, other things to do while on the cruise are to to check out the heated pool and jacuzzis on deck, when not enjoying one of the three breakfast meals, two lunches, two dinners and even coffee breaks with snacks – of course.

Organizers Henriette and Runa wanted a cruise that offered these things, but at the same time gave people access to an amazing view in all directions:

“It didn’t have to be a moving event, but we wanted to do something different. Norway has a stunning landscape and scenery, and from the ship the jammers will get to see a substantial part of it.”

“The crew will also announce tourist stuff in Norwegian, English and German during the whole trip, which in our perspective makes the game jam pretty unique.”, Henriette and Runa explains.

“The first real thoughts started emerging during GDC this year, but people have been playing with the idea of doing a game jam on a boat for a very long time.”


The SPLASH game jam gave a bigger splash (sorry for the puns) than anticipated,  and tickets sold out fast – about 10 minutes fast. The organizers knew they were headed for success, but didn’t exactly expect the game jam to be that much sought after.

Runa Haukland CEO, Hamar Game Collective

“We knew people were interested in the event beforehand, because everyone we pitched it to got so stoked on the idea. We’ve spread the word about it at different events in several countries, and our newsletter showed that subscribers came from all over the world.”

“Still, we hadn’t quite anticipated this level of hype, and received messages during the sale that people weren’t able to buy tickets anymore after only about 10 minutes.”, Henriette and Runa says.

“We also want to be part of lifting the game development scene in Norway to another level, both in collaboration and visibility towards the rest of the world, and we feel SPLASH is a big part of it.”


SPLASH wants to keep making waves, and the organizers express nothing but excitement at the mention of a possible 2017 edition of the event. Both organizers want SPLASH to become a yearly event, and rightfully so, an event like this has the potential to be groundbreaking, in innovation and in business.

“We really want this to become a yearly event, and if it becomes a success, maybe it will? It has been challenging with few face to face meetings and most of the work being done via emails, Slack and occasional Skype calls, but we’re very happy with what we’ve achieved and hope the participants will feel the same. But who knows, maybe the next will be one a bus? Or a submarine? Or a plane?”, says Henriette and Runa.


SPLASH isn’t long from now, and come early 2016, we’ll get to hear what the attendees felt about the jam. So good luck and kudos to Henriette and Runa for trying to do something new. Inspired by the overseas Train Jam, yes, but yet different and new.

The duo signs of with this to the Nordic gaming community:

“What do you do with a sick boat? Take it to the doc.”, Henriette Myrlund and Runa Haukland concludes.


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