PVP Action Game BattleSouls Launches on Steam After 17k Alpha Tests

BattleSouls Steam Game

Danish indie studio Pixeleap releases their first PC title, BattleSouls, on Steam this evening, after more than 17.000 alpha testers have helped refine the game. 

Pixeleap started developing the online free to play PVP action game BattleSouls in 2014, after the young studio had operated as a mobile and freelancing studio ever since it was founded in 2012, releasing 8 mobile games and doing a bunch of client work.

From 2012 to 2014, the studio primarily consisted of the two co-founders Peter Kjær and Janus Randa, but once development of BattleSouls began, the team quickly grew to its current size, which includes a couple more developers and an arsenal of freelancers when needed.


Today, after an investment from Danish investment firm Capnova and nearly two years of development, BattleSouls is finally ready to leave the alpha stage and launch as a free to play game on Steam. Something the studio co-founders have looked forward to for a long time, Peter Kjær explains:

““this (PC, red.) is where we play games. Even though we also used to play on mobile, PC is the platform we always return to play on and we really want to make games that we can play with our friends.”.”

In preparing for the launch, the Danish team at Pixeleap have done everything they can to both perfect the game and create some drum rolls and hype for the launch, which has included completing an extensive alpha testing where over 17.000 players have participated throughout the months.

And luckily for the studio, all the hard the work hasn’t been in vain, as the game now has more than 10.000 subscribers for its newsletter, which will be used to promote the game at launch.


You can download and play BattleSouls for free on Steam from May 12th 7:00 GMT+2. 

The latest gameplay trailer for BattleSouls:

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