Ex Rovio, EA and DICE Execs launch their new VR Games Studio

Industry veterans from Rovio, EA and DICE launch Fast Travel Games to deliver new VR gameplay experiences rich in storytelling and social play.

“We feel  that  VR  offers  limitless  possibilities,  and  that  it’s  inherent  qualities  make  it  perfectly  suited  for  storytelling  and  socially  rich  experiences,”  said  Oskar  Burman,  Fast  Travel  Games’  CEO  and  co-founder about the launch of the new studio.


In Fast Travel Games, Burman is joined by two other co-founders, Kristoffer Benjaminsson (CTO) and Erik Odeldahl (Creative Director).

Benjaminsson spent the last five years in senior technical leadership roles leading up to becoming the senior development director at Frostbite Labs, the team inside EA that works on creating new VR experiences.

Prior to this he was the CTO of Easy Studios and lead programmer at EA’s DICE and spent nearly a decade as a systems architect and consultant in the web and telecom spaces.

Odedahl was the design director leading the charge behind Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for EA DICE, where he spent over a decade working on most of the studio’s major titles as a designer or lead programmer. Prior to that, he was a programmer across several studios working on games and other applications.


Vast industry experience, however, does not pay the bills, which is why the company also announced that it has closed its initial seed funding round from the leading Nordic investors including Sunstone Capital, recognized as one of the most active Nordic games industry investors; Mattias Miksche, a private investor with portfolio companies like Tink, Natural Cycles, Teamtailor and Fishbrain; and Mathias Ackermand, a private investor with portfolio companies like Next Games, Fishbrain, Frespree and Poppermost.


“The team’s rich history of creating hit games across mobile, AAA, multiplayer and beyond, will allow them to bring a unique blend of skills that bode well for delivering quality IP for VR. They’ll also benefit from serving as magnets for the very best talent, creating what will no doubt be one of the top VR-focus games companies,” Nikolaj Nyholm, partner at Sunstone Capital, says about the investment.

Fast travel Games will be revealing further details about the company and its games in the coming months.

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