Koukoi Games and MyGamez Brings Crashing Seasons to the Asian Market

Finish mobile game studio Koukoi Games has partnered up with Mygamez to bring Crashing Seasons to the notoriously hard-to-enter Chinese mobile market.

As we wrote earlier this year, Koukoi Games released their first title Crashing Seasons on both IOS and Android in May 2016.

The game has seen good organic growth after its launch in the end of May, and Koukoi Games are very hopeful for the future with a launch in China.


It was always in the cards to release the game on the Chinese market and now Koukoi Games have partnered with MyGamez to do just that.

This partnership is crucial to enter the Chinese mobile gaming market, Koukoi Games explains:

“China has just recently further tightened the mobile game publishing regulations and hence it’s important for us to work with the well-established publisher like MyGamez, who can secure the necessary game publication licenses for our game”, says Antti Kananen, CEO of Koukoi.

Mygamez has published several Finish-made mobile games in China and are responsible for over a hundred million combined downloads across the board.


Crashing Season is out on both iOS and Android, and a launch trailer can be found below: 

Sven V Arnarsson

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