Why Attending Gamescom Is Kinda Like Using Hashtags on Twitter

Gamescom with Logic Artists

During Gamescom 2016, we had a chance to talk with Danish Logic Artists about why they attended the world’s largest games expo, and what tips they have for other indie developers who are considering going next year.

While many studios, especially smaller ones, often argue back and forth about the value gained from attending expos like Gamescom, Logic Artists are very straightforward in their argumentation about why they attend the expo.

“Well it’s a bit like using hashtags on twitter, isn’t it.”,  Logic Artists’ Community Manager, Teemo Ashton says, and continues:

“The point is to get your share of the attention. With or without us, GamesCom is happening so it absolutely makes sense for us to be there and get our name and game attached to the hype.”

In addition, Teemo also mentioned that expos like Gamescom are a great way to show off their games to a large part of the public, and provides an opportunity to talk to a lot of press that they normally would not get to sit down face to face with.


While Logic Artists was showing off their upcoming Expeditions: Vikings, the visit in Germany wasn’t the first for the indie studio, which was founded back in 2011.


Teemo Ashton, Logic Artists

“We’ve attended the event before, so we knew what we were getting into. While a lot of international outlets are attending GamesCom, it is particualarly important for reaching the german crowd which happen to be a big part of any RPG studios audience.”, Teemo Ashton explains.

“For an indie studio, getting our share of mentions in the following weeks is invaluable.”

And attention they got! The studio managed to grab 15 minutes live on the Twitch stream from Gamescom, and also engaged their audience with one of the most engaging scene shows at their booth (picture above).


So with Logic Artists clearly finding value in attending Gamescom, what are their best tips for other developers who are considering attending in the future?

“Contact the press in advance. Don’t wait for them to come to you, contact them. Set up those meetings.”, Teemo argues, before he concludes that:

“Especially small unknown developers have a tendency of showing up with a tiny corner booth and no plans, and expect people to come to them. With so many people there, if you don’t make at least a bit of noise, you risk people never finding out that you’re even there.”


Expeditions: Vikings is the newest game in the Expeditions series, set to launch in 2017. Announcement trailer below.

Sune Thorsen

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