Danish Indie Game Utopia 9 Featured Alongside Newest Steelseries Headset

Danish indie-duo Whalegun’s Utopia 9 featured on Steelseries.com as part of Steelseries’ newest headset launch.

Every now and then, a tiny David and Goliath moment happens in the Nordic games industry, such as when the small Danish indie studio Whalegun received a message from Steelseries, asking if they could feature a teaser of the studio’s latest game, the rogue-like vacation game Utopia 9, alongside their new headset, the Arctis 5

Steelseries wanted a small clip of the game to be shown on their page for the new headset to exemplify a new feature of the headset called “ChatMix Dial”, and of course there was no doubt in Whalegun’s mind as to what their answer would be to such a request.

“You have no idea how thrilled we are about getting featured by Steelseries. Being avid gamers, we are very familiar with the Steelseries brand. And seeing our game, Utopia 9 up there with the greats is quite the honor. We can’t wait to see what this opportunity will bring us”, Rune Holm, partner and programmer at Whalegun says


“Utopia 9 – A Volatile Vacation”  is a fast moving, rogue-like 3D twin-stick shooter set on a tragicomic future world.  

Described as “the ultimate holiday, where nothing is as it seems”, Utopia 9 takes you to the worst possible vacation destination imaginable. Forget all about bad food and unfinished apartments on the Costa’s, Utopia 9 is the absolute definition of false advertising.

The gamers’ mission on the vacation planet from hell, is to get back home to sue the pants off the travel agency!  Should you choose to pay it a visit, you can enjoy multi-layered game play with day/night cycles, lots of interiors to explore, all the weaponry one could ever need, and a wonderful cast of freaks and mutants to meet and overcome along the way.

With Utopia 9 gaining popularity on PC and Mac, Whalegun are currently also working on a console release which will include a new 4 player mode.

There’s currently no information on the release date of the console version, but the duo is working on getting it ready sooner rather than later. 

And there’s plenty to see to, as both PC and consoles games are new to Whalegun, who started out as mobile game developers, but soon found the lure of the PC market too tempting to resist.

“Whalegun was founded in early 2015 by Rune Holm and I as a means to make the games we were truly passionate about. To maximize “awesome per second” preconceived notions of store integrations, in-app purchases and pay walls were completely disregarded. We wanted to go back to basic, and I believe that’s what we have done with Utopia 9”, says Mathias Severin partner and game designer at Whalegun.


The latest Utopia 9 teaser:

Sune Thorsen

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