“Among the Sleep” Triumphs at Norwegian Game Awards

Krillbite’s toddler-horror game, Among the Sleep, grabs 4 out of 5 awards at the first ever Norwegian Spillprisen-awards ceremony.


Norwegian developer Krillbite ended up as the big winner when the first edition of the national Norwegian game award, Spillprisen, was handed out last weekend. Thanks to their latest release, Among the Sleep, Krillbite managed to grab no less than four out of the five awards that were handed out during the ceremony.

The awards for Best Story, Best Audio, Best Artistic Effort, and finally, Best Game, all went to Krillbite’s first-person horror adventure, Among the Sleep, with only the award for best gameplay ending up at Team DOS for their work on retrotastic puzzle-scroller Size Does Matter.



Talking to Nordic Game Bits, Krillbite CEO Ole Andreas Jordet says that ending up with four of the five awards was definitely not something they were expecting. But the fact that that’s what happened feels “Amazingly awesome.”

We had no idea this would happen, and were happy with getting nominated. We feel very lucky to have been surrounded with so many fantastic people that have supported us along the way and helped us during the development, and this definitely motivates ut to push forward and create more games together!


Krillbite CEO, Ole Andreas Jordet

Previously, co-organizer of the new award, Anders Hillestad, told Nordic Game Bits that he felt like the award is also part of a larger positive trend in the Norwegian games industry, that has seen a lot more activity and more releases during 2014 than in the previous years. A sentiment that is also shared by Krillbite’s Ole Andreas Jordet.

I definitely feel a great growth in the Norwegian games industry in the recent time. With the rise of digital distribution, easier tools, government support though funding, and an education system to educate promising new talent, the foundation for a solid games industry in Norway is there imo.

Jordet explains to Nordic Game Bits that he also feels  that the new Award, Spillprisen, is a direct consequence of this growth, and that he expects that it will continue to grow together with the industry.

As a final note, Jordet also says that Krillbite is now working on something completely new, but that they are not quite ready to reveal what it is. “We are definitely working on something new and exciting. It’s been a process figuring out what our next big project would be, but we are confident that we have picked the right one as Krillbite’s next. We are not quite ready to announce any news about it yet, but soon.”

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