Seriously’s Adventures With Alternative Marketing

Instagram and YouTube stars play a huge role in the Finnish developer’s marketing strategies.

On September the 26th, Finnish mobile developers Seriously launched a quite unique campaign for their game Best Fiends. The World’s Biggest Mobile Treasure Hunt, as the campaign was called, was a race to find the personal sticker of a number of YouTube personalities like Rosanna Pansino, CaptainSparkelz and CutiePieMarzia.

Each YouTuber posted a video with a clue for where to find their specific sticker, and the campaign had a huge impact on the game’s figures, Philip Hickey, VP, Marketing and Communications at Seriously, says:


Philip Hickey, VP, Marketing and Communications at Seriously

“We saw our biggest ever download day (over 250,000 downloads in one day) and our biggest ever download week. Best Fiends trended on App Stores all over the world, and we grew our daily player base 40% in one weekend to over 1,600,000 daily active users and these numbers are holding steady. We also reached our biggest revenue day to date of over $100,000.00,” he says.



On the same day as Seriously launched their treasure hunt, they also partnered with Instagram on the social medium’s new product, Marquee. Marquee lets companies create ads on the popular photo and video service and partnering up with them made a lot of sense, Philip Hickey explains:

“We love to be the first to try new marketing channels out.  Overall, Instagram is a great place to grow our community and an interesting place to keep an eye on from an advertising and user acquisition space,” he says.

At Seriously, they are trying to make the best of alternative marketing channels. Aside from Instagram, the Finns have put a real effort into using YouTube. And that idea came from talking to their competitors, Seriously’s CEO, Andrew Stalbow, recently wrote in a blogpost on

“Before we launched our first game a year ago, we asked our competitors which marketing channels didn’t work for them. And YouTube came up a lot. Given that well over half of YouTube’s views are on mobile, we took that as a challenge, and decided to focus a significant amount of our marketing energies there,” he explains.


As far as working with the stars of YouTube goes, Philip Hickey’s main advice for other developers hoping to make use of them is quite simple:

“It’s important that the YouTube star is a natural fit for the game. Many of the stars we have worked with like PewDiePie, Rosanna Pansino and
DanTDM are big fans of Best Fiends and that resonates well with our audience.  Rosanna Pansino has featured Best Fiends as one of her favorite iPhone apps and is currently on level 307!”

With 8,000,000 views in the first five days of The World’s Biggest Mobile Treasure Hunt and 125,000 subscribers to their Instagram-account, one thing is for sure: this is not the last time that Seriously experiments with alternative marketing.


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