ISBIT teases genre-twisting First Person Lover

Tired of always killing people in your computer games? Do you want more love in your games? Swedish ISBIT might have the solution for you.
The First Person Shooter has been a staple of computer games ever since games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom let players unload bullets and rockets into evil nazis and hellspawn, and combinations of the two in the early nineties.But if newly founded Swedish game developer ISBIT is to have a say, we will soon witness a completely new take on the classic genre when ISBIT releases their aptly titled First Person Lover, which they have just teased though a quite interestingly-looking announcement trailer.
Producer Markus Koos

Producer Markus Koos

ISBIT is producing the game
together with the Swedish Björn Borg fashion brand, but according to ISBIT producer Markus Koos, they weren’t exactly playing it safe when they presented the idea of a first person lover-game to the company. “We presented our ideas and went in with the mindset of all or nothing. To our surprise, Björn Borg loved our ideas and wanted to go ahead with the plan.”

The game is scheduled to be released for PC and Mac January 28th 2015, and until then, ISBIT have put their other projects on the back burner. “We currently have two small projects in development, but we paused both of them when we got the opportunity to develop this crazy game for Björn Borg. We just couldn’t say no to this chance.”

While ISBIT was only founded
earlier this year, the team has plenty of experience from the industry. “The team at ISBIT has been in the industry for many years, but as work for hire,” ISBIT producer, Markus Koos, explains. And while the game is not aiming to be a “AAA experience with 20 hours of gameplay,” as Koos explains, First Person Lover is going to be playing around with the traditional concepts of the First Person Shooter.

[it] is a tweaked version of the typical first person shooter. In the game, which will consist of 30 minutes of game play in three levels, players will battle evil forces with the power of love. But we hope the experience is going to be different and hopfully something new and fun

And so far, things are looking positive for ISBIT and First Person Lover. They even managed to recruit Swedish e-sport star Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund for the team. So things are looking rosy indeed leading up to January 28th.


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