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As an opinion blogger, you can publish your own personal experiences with working in the Nordic games industry, and share these stories with the rest of the community on NordicGameBits.

The best blog posts will always get featured on the frontpage, and if you ever have any questions about how to publish, or if you would like us to proof-read or give you feedback on your post before publishing, you can reach out to our CEO, . He’ll be glad to look through you post and help you with anything and everything from shaping and polishing to editing the blog post before publication.


So, what sort of blog posts are we looking for?

First and foremost, we are interested in hearing about your opinions and experiences. There’s is – after all – a reason we call it “Opinion Blogs”. It doesn’t matter which area of the industry you’re working in, as long as you have an interesting story to share – and we’re sure you do.

More specifically, we want the blog posts that you’d be interested in reading yourself. So when you write a blog post, make sure to keep in mind that you speak directly to your fellow Nordic game developers.

The articles found on NordicGameBits have one thing in common: Knowledge sharing. We strive to always focus on finding that one piece of advice or one key experiences that each developer or studio can share with the rest of us. We would like the opinion blogs to in a similar manner contribute to the overall goal of knowledge sharing within the Nordic games industry. So whatever your job or position within the industry is, we’d love to hear about your experiences and opinions.

This might all sound like a lot to keep in mind when writing a blog post. Don’t hold back, though. Just write your heart out, and if you have any concerns, you can always contact Sune Thorsen – also even if you just have an outline or a concept for a blog post.


A few guidelines

  1. The audience on NordicGameBits consists of people from every imaginable corner of the Nordic games industry, including programming, sound, publishing, QA, business, educators, and students. All sorts of opinion blog topics are therefore welcome, as long as the theme is relevant for game developers, and the blog post written by someone within the Nordic games industry.
  2. You are welcome to repost blog posts from your own personal blog, but if you do so, please always post the entire content. No teasers. That being said, you are allowed to link back to your site in your post. Most importantly, you are not allowed to post content that you did not write, or that you do not have the proper permission to repost.
  3. Please use your own best judgment and don’t post inappropriate content. We always approve of every blog post before it gets published, but please do us the favor of not posting any pornographic images or its like.
  4. You may format the post as you like, but please don’t use images wider than 700 pixels. All posts requires a featured image of approximately 700 x 360 pixels, but if you do not submit any, a standard image will be chosen.
  5. All Opinion Blogger accounts are personal, and we do not allow company accounts. If there are more than one author of the blog post, one should submit it and the other be credited in the post itself.
  6. We kindly ask you not to blatantly advertise your product or service, especially if you have game developers as your consumers. Instead, we offer various advertising solutions that allows you to communicate with our readers, be it through a paid content article, or a banner. You can read more about these options here.