Nuday Games Connects Music Fans and Artists Through Trivia Game

Rock Science by Nuday Games

In only nine weeks, Swedish Nuday Games have seen over 500 thousand matches played and 9.2 million questions answered in its rock trivia mobile game, Rock Science.

Founded in 2011 by Creative Director and rocker Jorge Bravo and Sven Folkesson, a lawyer with a passion for games, Nuday Games initially set out to create a rock trivia board game, which was released in Sweden in December 2011. While the board game saw worldwide distribution and was released in four languages within the first year, the ambitions of the two founders were even bigger

In 2013, Nuday set out to work on the Rock Science trivia app for iOS and Android, and today the company has 10 gamers, game designers, art directors, rockers and programmers working in a “tight rocking team” in Stockholm, Sweden, says Nuday Games co-founder Jorge Bravo to Nordic Game Bits.


Rock Science is more than a trivia game, however, and Nuday has already signed 30+ artists for the game’s platform, including Scandinavian In Flames, Hammerfall, and Children of Bodom, and US Korn, Motörhead, and Marshall Amps – all with global fan bases.


“We are in it for the long haul, apart from making a fun game, we also want to engage fans and activate the artists’ assets, history together with them. By integrating other media services like Spotify, Youtube, and articles with relevance to the topic, we build depth to the game experience. The next step is to build value beyond the game, where the time invested into the game by the players can lead to relevant and exclusive products, or exclusive real life experiences!”, Bravo explains.

It would inevitably have been easier to make an ordinary trivia game, but Bravo emphasizes that Nuday Games believes the next arena for the digital evolution will be how people in core audiences are engaged in activities. “We, Nuday, formalize the social context and gives value and structure to a subculture’s passion”, he says.

That is what makes Rock Science different. The trivia game is in fact only the first layer in a greater vision of engaging music fans globally by being social and creating a game community. “We’d like to see a music game community take form where fans also participate in the product development, distribution, and curation of content. We believe that we, together with the fans, have more to offer to the game product of any given artist.”


The latest step in engaging the players of Rock Science is a feature that allows players to submit questions straight to the game’s content database through the website.

“This way, fans can build a product for their favorite band”, Bravo says. And while all user-generated content has to be curated before it is thrown into the actual game, Bravo emphasizes that the aim is to expand the co-creation features to include audio and artwork as well. “We see that the co-creation features will expand from trivia to audio and artwork and by doing so grow the content database exponentially.”.

Sune Thorsen

Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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