Limbo also coming to PlayStation 4

Atmospheric monochrome puzzle-platformer Limbo from Danish Playdead is coming to yet another platform.

Danish game developers Playdead are continuing their mission to bring their black and white platformer Limbo to pretty much every gaming platform known to man. Not content with just being available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, SteamOS, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, iOS and OnLive, a recent PEGI-listing seems to indicate that a version for PlayStation 4 is also on its way.

The listing was picked up by gaming site pushsquare, who discovered that a listing for Limbo for Playstation 4 could now be found on the official site for the European PEGI-ratings system. Confusingly, the release date for the PS4 version of Limbo is listed as January 1st 2015, so this must be a placeholder date. No official announcements have been made regarding Limbo for PS4 yet.


Limbo debuted on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service on Xbox360 back in 2010, where it became one of the most successful titles on the service. Since then, it has been ported to a host of other systems, and has sold more than 3 million copies to date. Latest version of the game to come out was for Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One, that got it’s version of Limbo just before Christmas.

Apart from porting Limbo to other systems, Playdead has also been hard at work on their follow-up to Limbo. Equally bleak, moody and fantastic-looking Inside, is scheduled for release on Xbox One later this year.

Jesper K. Kristiansen

Multi-passionate game developer and journalist. Has been writing about the Danish games industry for more than ten years, and creating audio design for both Danish and International games for almost as long.

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