Kalimba, Minecraft and Sailor’s Dream Gets BAFTA-Nominated

Three Nordic games managed to pick up no less that five nominations for the upcoming BAFTA-awards for computer games, taking place in London March 12th.

While the local favorite Alien: Isolation managed to grab no less than six nominations for the upcoming BAFTA awards, the Nordic region did not fare too bad either. Swedish developers managed to grab four nominations, while Denmark picked up a single one.

The recent Microsoft-purchased Minecraft is nominated in the category for “Family Game” and the category for “Multiplayer” for the console incarnations of the now ubiquitous block builder. What should be noted, however, is that the the nominations can’t be completely counted towards the Nordic region, as the console version of the game is handled by Scottish 4J games.


Completely Swedish on the other hand are the creative iOS craftsmen Simogo, who have nominations in two categories. Their latest release, The Sailor’s Dream, is competing in the categories for both “Music” and “Audio Achievement”.

And rounding off the Nordic nominees is another Microsoft-owned studio. Denmark’s Press Play has their latest game, Kalimba, nominated in the category for “Best Original Property”.


Simogo expressed their satisfaction with their two BAFTA-nominations on their twitter account, as did both 4J Studios and Press Play’s Creative Director Ole Teglbjærg.



Talking to Nordic Game Bits, Press Play’s Ole Teglbjerg says that while they are extremely happy and proud to be nominated, they don’t expect their nomination to directly influence sales of Kalimba.

I think it’s more of a nice medal that you can put on your chest than something that will directly influence sales. So it’s probably something that is bigger in the minds of the developers, than in the minds of the buyers.

But that does not mean that Press Play are not happy with the nomination, Teglbjærg assures. “We’re super proud. No doubt about that. It’s really nice to be acknowledged for the things you do,” he says, and refers to the impressive names Kalimba is sharing the category with, including titles like Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Monument Valley.

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