BetaDwarf Wins Intel Level-Up Award

Things are moving fast at BetaDwarf, the Danish-based company who last year won the “Best Game with 3D Graphics” award at Intel’s 2013 Level-Up competition for their debut title: “Forced“. Last week, the sequel to Forced, “Forced 2: The Rush“, won the exact same award at the 2014 edition of Intel’s competition for game developers.


Intel’s Level-Up contest started back in 2009, and is a contest primarily for games in the alpha/beta/proof-of-concept stages. Naturally so, in addition to cash prizes, part of the prize pool consists of a chance to be published on Steam – something that Forced 2: The Rush needs not worry about, since they can already be found on Valve’s Steam platform.

Just two weeks ago, we could announce that BetaDwarf was one among a series of 9 game developers from the Nordic who had received funding from the EU as part of their “Creative Europe” initiative. The Level-Up award from Intel thus seems to have arrived at BetaDwarf’s doorstep in the middle of a very interesting time for the very young company, who was founded in 2011.

Do you see any potential Nordic winners of the 2015 edition of Intel’s competition? Let us know in the comment section below. 



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