How To: Make a Legal Gambling Game

Chace Race is a game that combines racing and in-game gambling, but how do you make a game of this type without breaking the laws of gambling?

Chase Race is one of the first racing games that allows in-game gambling. The game has been in development for over 20 years, and was initially developed as a board game. Since then, the team of developers have gone through all the stages of getting the game legally accepted as a gambling game for digital platforms. We therefore reached out to Uffe Egekvist, CEO of ChaseRace Aps, to hear more about the challenges of designing a game with gambling in mind.


Legally, companies are not allowed to include gambling in videogames, unless the game is skill based.”To allow gambling in a game requires an array of conditions. First of all, the game has to be 100% without chance in the game design. Therefore, dices, random chances, and asynchronous relations between players are not allowed.” Egekvist explains.

Additionally, it is important that the game allows for the “players to develop their skills infinitely. There must not be an upper limit for what a player can achieve in relation to winning the game”, Egekvist says. These things are important if the game is going to remain legal.


With Chase Race, the developer team strives to follow a simple set of rules. Egekvist notes that it isn’t an easy task to create a skill-based game, but he suggests that as a general rule, such a game needs the following ingredients:

  • The players need to always be able to develop their skills as much as they want
  • The players need to be able to compare their achievements and performances with other players
  • It should never get monotonous to play the game
  • There needs to be a constant flow of new tournament types



Chase Race has already been released on the AppStore for iPads, on Facebook, and for PC and Mac. So far, however, there have not been any massive promotional advertisement and marketing done for the game, as Egekvist and the rest of the team wants to test how people behave in the game first. They do this by gathering players from around the world that can help test the game based on “clearly defined play sessions”. Egekvist explains that the plan for the future is to evaluate the results of these initial tests and then make sure that the “user interfaces, graphics and game scope is adjusted”.

The balancing is a delicate affair in a game that requires this level of skill to be declared legal by the government, and testing is therefore a vital part of the developing process.

To help finish the development of the game environment, Chase-Race is currently running a Ulule crowdfunding campaign with the hopes of gathering €20.000 within the next 47 days.


As for the future of skill based games that allows gambling, Egekvist remains very optimistic despite the potential challenges of getting the game legalized. “It’s my opinion that if you can make a clever and intelligent game that has the potential to be part of an E-Sporting community, then you are among the developers who are forming the future”.


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