King Among the Best Workplaces in Sweden

King, the company behind the successful Candy Crush game, is rated as one of the best workplaces in Sweden, according to tests based on employees in a variety of Swedish companies.

It isn´t the first time that King ranks high in the polls, however,. The games company has been an attractive workplace for many years and employee satisfaction is something Lars Markgren, one of the founders of King, have been working on since the company’s inception 11 years ago. “We have focused on longevity since we founded the company 11 years ago. This is probably one of the reasons that we are once again named on the of the best (big) workplaces” Lars Markgren explains.

According to Markgren, the secret is to view the process as a “Marathon” instead of a “Sprint”.It is important to remember the importance of your employees and their well being, as it leads to more productive workers. To Markgren, it´s all about creating a job that they would apply for themselves, if given the chance. “We had experience from the Internet industry and wanted to create a work environment that we wanted to work in ourselves. What did we need to do to make people look forward to work the following Monday and have them look forward to it?” Markgren explains.


To some of the employees, the appeal of working at King lies in the atmosphere of the workplace. “It is an open atmosphere here. You get the help you need and they are quick to help you get to work” says Åsa Bredin, the director of engineering that started working at King just three months ago. At King, it´s not about the individual but the team, making every person a valuable resource with ideas worth noting. “Here you don´t get to look out for your own career without supporting the rest of the team, to ensure that the job gets done as good as possible.” Bredin continues.

It´s all about teamwork and making each piece of the team feel important and necessary for the entire machine to work. This mentality is what creates the successful work environment that King has built and nurtured these past 11 years.


Even though the games industry at large has a negative reputation, it seems that the Nordic games industry provides a desirable and healthy work environment. According to, the danish games industry is a healthy and social work environment where the employees reflect the same enthusiasm found in the employees at King. A great part of this satisfaction might stem from the fact that most companies are smaller and therefore also socially closer here in the Nordic. In the end, it is simply just much easier to be a creative asset in a small 10-30 man company than in the gigantic AAA companies outside of the Nordic countries.


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