GameAnalytics named one of Europe’s Hottest Startups

Increased competition in the Free2Play games market drives huge growth for the company focusing on analyzing user behavior.

The Free2Play market for games is no longer the goldrush that it was just a few years ago. The competition is harder than ever, and this drives a growing need for detailed monitoring and user behavior analysis to make sure that the monetization model and gameplay mechanics work together in just the right blend.

One of the companies delivering this kind of service is Danish-based GameAnalytics, who has now been named one of the hottest startups in Europe in the category for business to business, by the business and startup site, Informilo.


Being singled out together with some of the fastest growing and most successful European startups is of course something of an honor, GamaAnalytics co-founder Morten Wulff tells Nordic Game Bits.

“It means a lot to us – especially because we are on that list together with really cutting edge companies such as Tictali, Spotify and Supercell. It’s a pretty impressive lineup,” he says.


When asked about the background for the success of GameAnalytics, Wulff points to the increased competition in the market for Free2Play games as one of the main reasons.

It’s a very competitive market with an increasing number of developers and an increasing number of games launching every minute. This results in a need for better user friendliness, interaction and overall quality of the games.

Wulff explains how GameAnalytics provides a service that gives game developers the opportunity to tweak their game for the best possible play experience by identifying and adjusting elements that are not working as intended.


GameAnalytics was founded in 2011 and has been used in over 9000 games to date. The company has received funding from, among others, Sunstone Capital, CrunchFund, and angel investors like HuffPo CEO Jimmy Maymann and former Podio CEO, Tommy Ahlers.

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