MovieStarPlanet Wins “Most Innovative Company” Award

MovieStarPlanet won the award for innovation and creativity at this years EY awards in Denmark. The annual award show for the Entrepreneur Of The Year that was held at the 27th of November this year. The show rewards entrepreneurs that are helping in creating growth in the Danish market.

Danish MovieStarPlanet won in the Innovation category, where successful companies who owe their success to Innovation are rewarded. According to Bjerne Clausen, CEO of Haldor Topsøe A/S and the person who handed over this year’s award, MovieStarPlanet is one of the “fastest growing companies within its target audience”.

Claus Lykke Jensen, CEO of MovieStarPlanet

MovieStartPlanet primarily develops and maintains a social game worlds for tweens and “their games are being marketed in 15 countries with over 9 million users from these countries and beyond”.

The target audience of MovieStarPlanet are kids, and for the past 7 years, the company has gradually been expanding to its current size with 125 people working in the company.

“MovieStarPlanet is about being creative and sharing creations with friends in a cool environment. We started up just two guyz and now we are 125 people and live in 15 countries. It has been a really fascinating and fun journey.”, CEO and Founder of MovieStarPlanet, Claus Lykke Jensen explains to NordicGameBits.


According to Bjerne Clausen, MovieStarPlanet owes a lot of their success to their innovative approach to design. They produce games with a “strong social and creative component, where it isn´t just the company but also the users that help build the environment”.

He continues to explain that “MovieStarPlanet creates rooms and builds networks” for children and teens on the Internet. Their games are primarily focused on the social aspects and they have created worlds where teens can safely interact and increase their network while also nurturing their creativity and social skills.

For a highly social game like MovieStarPlanet, making the best possible social experience combined with gaming features is important. “We do this in many different ways, e.g. focus groups, mails, polls, in-game communication, analytics, research, etc. It is very important for us to understand why and how our users play our game, so that we are able to consciously improve our game towards their needs.”, Claus Lykke Jensen says.


The market director from Dansk Erhverv (Danish Business), Søren Friis Larsen, is very positive about MovieStarPlanet’s Success. “Innovation is everything when competing globally and here Denmark stands strong.” Larsen is impressed by the company’s success as they have managed to compete on the global market despite the financial crisis, and even though the videogame market is tough and fiercely competitive.

And if you ask MovieStarPlanet themselves, there are no plans to slow down in the near future, with two new products already in the pipeline.

“We are also working on two new products, which will be part of the same overall social network for kids. The kids will thereby be able to play different games, while being friends across games and able to communicate across games.”

MovieStarPlanet  primarily develop social games for children and teens in the age of 8-15 and have worked on games such as: Fame City, Boonieverse, Boonie Rescue, and Roboblast Planet.



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