Here’s the 8 Norwegian Games That Just Got 6M NOK

The Norwegian Film Institute has now revealed, which projects have received funding from the national game support program in this round.


Eight Norwegian games can look forward to receiving a total amount of 6 million NOK (€700K), from the national game funding programme, administered through the Norwegian Film Institute.

The Institute has just announced, who has been chosen to receive support, among the 31 applications that had been sent in for this round of support. The grants from the program range in size from 1,5M NOK to 200K NOK and for two of the projects on the list, it’s the second or even third time they have received funding from the program.


D.I.G from Rock Pocket AS
Awarded: 1.500.000 NOK
Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4

A multiplayer combat game, where the players are fighting each other on spectacular planets, using crazy weapons, grappling hooks and high-tech digging equipment.

“We believe that D.I.G will get the same kind of attention and not the least be as fun to play as Rock Pockets Shiftlings, that was launched internationally this spring,” says Kaja Hench Dyrlie, Head of Production at the Norwegian Film Institute.


Mosaikk from Krillbite Studio AS
Awarded: 1.500.000 kroner
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, and iPad

Living in a cold city of monotony, every day is like the one before it, and you have no meaning og goal in your life – until that one day, where everything changes. Mosaikk is described as a “mystical and modern 2.5D adventure game.”

Kaja Hench Dyrlie describes the game as an “incredibly exciting project, that we both hope and believe will become a fantastic game, that will get a lot of attention.”


Knutsen & Ludvigsen på skinner from Tordenfilm AS og Rock Pocket AS
Awarded: 700.000 kroner
Platforms: Various mobile

A second grant for Rock Pocket Games goes to this project. An endless runner for kids based on the characters Knutsen & Ludvigsen from the animated feature film Knutsen & Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin. The gameplay is described as “Tiny Wings meets Jetpack Joyride meets Ski Safari.”


Through the Woods from Antagonist AS
Awarded: 700.000 kroner
Platforms: pc

Third-person horror game that takes place in a forest on the west coast of Norway, and is inspired by Norwegian legends and mythology. The developers behind the game, Antagonist, promises that they will not be using unnecessary jump-scares in the game. Instead they will try and keep the scary atmosphere going for longer stretches of time, and balance the game between horror and melancholy.

This is the second time that Through the Woods receives funding support. Last year, the project was awarded 300.000 NOK.


Intersection from Sarepta Studio AS
Awarded: 600.000 kroner
Platforms: Various mobile

A strategy-based twitch game for smartphones and tablets. The game tasks the player with finding polygons in a stream of lines, and to create combinations to score more points. As the player progresses, new leves will be unlocked, giving access to new, more difficult, challenges. The game will also feature leaderboards, to allow players to compete against each other. The gameplay is described as “Bejeweled meets Fruit Ninja with geometric shapes.


Enki from Asio AS
Awarded: 500.000 kroner
Platforms: Various mobile

A MMO for kids aged 8-12 years, containing practical and language-based challenges and missions for the player. Has a social aspect, that allows the player to be logged on with his or hers friends. The game takes place in a planetary system in danger. The technology that the inhabitants depend on has broken down, and they have now contacted a child from our planet to help them understand, how the things are supposed to work.


Trackday Manager from Artic Hazard Game Studio AS
Awarded: 300.000 kroner
Platforms: Online

A manager game, where you are in charge of a racing car team. You manage the team between races, and during races you control your team by giving orders to the drives, while supervising the race on the track. The game aso features an extensive sponsor-system, detailed statistics and leaderboards and numerous upgrade and training possibilities for the cars and their drivers.

This is the third grant that Artic Hazard Game Studio has recieved for Trackday manager. They have previously been awarded 500.000 NOK in both 2013 and 2014.


Yggdrasil from Gjestland Film
Awarded: 200.000 kroner
Platforms: Various mobile

A game based on the old viking mythology. In Yggdrasil, the player will travel through the Norse mythology from the time before the creation of the world to the time after Ragnarok. The story is told through a mixture of animated cutscenes and interactive action sequences, where the player must overcome obstacles based on Norse mythology.

The game uses a Minecraft-inspired voxel aesthetic, and is aiming for a high level of technical quality, with 60 frames per second, even on mobile platforms.

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