Nordic Game Vets Launches New Accelerator STUGAN

20 game developers stuck in a cabin in rural Sweden. That’s the recipe for success according to a new Swedish accelerator for aspiring game developers called STUGAN.

Veterans from some of the most prolific Nordic developers are now launching a new accelerator program for aspiring computer game developers called Stugan. Among the people behind the new initiative are people like Rovio’s Oscar Burman, King’s Tommy Palm and Avalanche Studios Christoffer Sundberg.

Named after both the traditional Swedish summer cabin, and the first Swedish computer game ever, Stugan “aims to assist the burgeoning community of talented yet undiscovered game developers across the globe,” as the initiative is presented on it’s homepage.


The new accelerator is planned to take place next summer, where 20 game developers will join forces at a traditional Swedish stuga, where they will have two months to reach whatever goal they have stated in their application to the program, be it to build a working demo, create a Kickstarter project or even reach a gold master of their game. Participation will be free, with all expenses paid by the programs prolific sponsors, and participants in the program will also retain all rights to their IP.

Included in the program is also a possibility to build a fanbase, as videos will be recorded and published weekely, featuring the developers working in the cabin. And the program will even be capped of by a season finale, where viewers can vote on the different games, to find the winner of Stugan 2015.


The accelerator is open to participants from all over the world, and the organizers states it as an official goal to have a mixed team.

We’ll aim for a multicultural crew, of both genders

During the stay, the participants will have visits from some of the leading figures in the Nordic and global games industry who will host workshops and give lectures about their specific areas of expertise.


Developers will be able to apply to the program beginning January 2015, but can already now sign up to be contacted, when more information is available. At the end of the project, the developers will also present their work to potential publishers, sponsors and investors at an event in Stockholm.

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