Kalimba! Project Totem gets Release Date and a New Name

The lastest game from Copenhagen-based Press Play is set for release on Xbox One on December 17th.

The game formerly known as Project Totem, which has been brewing for a while at the premises of Danish game developer Press Play, is now set for a December release on Microsoft’s gaming console under a new name. Project Totem is no more, as the game will now launch under the title Kalimba.

The game was created by two brothers employed at Press Play, Asger Strandby (Game Director) and Bo Strandby (Lead Designer), who created a prototype of the game, while fixing the last bugs on Press Play’s previous title, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, that launched earlier this year. ““My brother and I needed a creative outlet, so we started working on a small side-project in our spare time, ”says Creative Director Asger Strandby.


The game offers a pretty unique take on the platform genre, and also has a graphical style that is a bit out of the ordinary. Instead of pixels, all the graphics in the game is made up of triangles, called trixels, resulting in a very characteristic look.

The gameplay has the player controlling two small creatures with the same stick, which is what generates a lot of the challenges in the game, and there’s also a co-op mode, where two players control two creatures each, calling for some challenging coordination between players.


The game was previously announced for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, but those plans also seem to have changed. Apart from the December launch on Xbox One, the latest press release also lists a launch on PC scheduled for January, but no mention of the Xbox 360 version.


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