Danish Film Institute Boosts Game Support Budget

In a surprise announcement, the Danish Film Institute today revealed that the budget for game support will be 25% bigger than expected.

In a very low-key delivery at a the pitching competition hosted by Growing Games this afternoon, area director Claus Ladegaard announced that instead of 10 million danish kroner (€1,35 m), the yearly budget for the game support program will be 12,5 million danish kroner (€1,7 m). An increase of 25 % above what the institute was obliged to use, according to the new film agreement that was was adopted by the Danish parliament last month.

The Danish Film Institute had been fighting for a major increase of the budget for the game support program leading up to the negotiations of the new film agreement. In their official proposal for the new agreement, they had suggested a annual budget of 15 – 25 million danish kroner (€2 m – €3,4 m). An amount comparable to the current cultural game support program in Norway.

But the agreement ended up with only 10 million Danish kroner reserved for game support. And even if this was a large percentage increase from the previous years’ 5 million Danish Kroner (€0,7 m) a year, the agreement was generally met with disappointment in the Danish games industry.

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With this surprising move, it seems like the institute is willing to take resources from some of it’s other areas, to try and accommodate the need for financing support for game development that they identified in their own proposal. However, rumors have been circulating that the Film Institute intended to support the game program from within their own budget, if the money was not allotted by the politicians themselves. An intention that was to be stated at a meeting with the game sub-division of Producentforeningen – the trade organisation for game-, film-, and tv-producing companies in Denmark.

How exactly the new funds will be distributed is still to be decided. The new agreement sets up a new set of funding possibilities besides the existing idea-development and project-development grants, but the specific criteria in the new program have not been revealed yet.

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