The Silent Age – Episode 2 gets release date

It’s almost time for the second, and final, episode of moody point-and-click (or rather swipe and tap) adventure, The Silent Age, to hit the virtual shelves of the App Store, Google Play and Amazons digital distribution platform. This evening, House on Fire, the developer behind the The Silent Age game, announced that the second episode is set to launch for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire on October 16th.

The first game in the series was released back in June 2013, and since then the team has been working hard on the next installment of the series. But while the first episode was free, the upcoming one will cost $4.99 to unlock, unless you pre-order it before the 16th, in which case you’ll get off with spending only $2.99.

Originally rumored to span three episodes in total, House on Fire underlines that the second episode is the last and concluding part of the game.

 “Episode Two will be the final episode of The Silent Age. You’ll finally get to know what caused the apocalyptic event that rendered mankind extinct. Will Joe be able to save mankind or is it too late? All will be revealed in the final Episode of this epic adventure!

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