Games Business 2014 – Panel Debates and Networking

With 3 panel discussions consisting of speakers from every area of the international games industry, last week’s Games Business 2014 was a blast of an event taking place in the far-north city of Aalborg, Denmark. 


Held for the fourth time last Thursday, October 9th 2014, the annual Games Business event was kicked off by one of the event coordinators, Thomas Nielsen from Osao games, as he briefly introduced some of the panel discussion speakers and invited this year’s moderator, George Osborne from, to the scene.


The first team of panel discussion speakers consisted of Full Control CEO, Thomas Lund, Interceptor and 3D Realms CEO, Frederik Schreiber, Funday Factory CEO, Kristian Bang, Seahorn Capital Group CEO, Marc Jacson, and Studio GM at EA, Jeferson Valaderes.

The theme of the first panel discussion was “Different roads to revenue”, and with a largely experienced panel team, the discussion quickly turned into an exchange of experiences in regards to monetization strategies, platforms and work for hire jobs.

“We tried to sell the game for $14,99 in order to make people see that they get a game that is worth $60 for a cheaper price, but that was not a good decision. If you charge $14,99 for your game, that’s what your game is worth in people’s minds – instead of the $60 actual worth of the content.“, Frederik Schreiber starts out by explaining, talking about the studio’s latest game, Rise of the Triads, before he continues, “We learned that if you want to sell a $60 game, then sell it for $45 and discount it instead. The consumer will then see that it is a high value game.”

You can view the first part of the panel discussion in the video below and find the second part on our Youtube channel. The video was recorded by Per Trinh:


After an early lunch, the crowd was back in their seats for the second panel discussion, which focused on the trends and upcoming opportunities in the games market, asking questions such as: Is premium dead? Where is F2P and adverfunding going? Will Oculus Rift change the world? Will the up-coming un-consoles steal the console market?

The team of speakers consisted of consultant, Ben Cousins, Vivid Games brand Manager, Jan Chichlowski, GameFounders partner, Andrew Walker, and Osao CEO, Thomas Nielsen.

Starting out with a discussion about the revolution of the Free to play model, the speakers quickly turned to the topic of hardware, as Ben Cousins explains that, “Even though the audience size is bigger for the old hardware, the actual revenue you get from the new phones is a lot higher. It is actually okay on mobile to focus on the last one or two years of hardware. Constantly being on the edge of hardware reminds me of PC back in the 90’s, where developers constantly focused on the leading edge.”

You can view the entire first part of the second panel discussion in the video below:


The third and last panel discussion before the closing speech saw the investors take the panel seats, talking about where they look to make their next bets, where the games market is going, and how they are working to build the next hit. The team of speakers consisted of Seahorn Capital Group CEO, Marc Jackson, Sealand Capital investment manager, Søren Ammundsen, Tenshi Partners Founding Partner, Ian Baverstock, and GameFounders partner, Andrew Walker.

As with traditional startups, what the investors in the panel seemed to all agree on, was that the team is often nearly as – if not more – important than the current project they’re working on.

“I am open minded about the genre, so instead, I’m much more interested in the teams. Teams who can only talk about the game, that’s not good. And people who can only talk about the business and marketing aren’t good idea either. We’re trying to put together a creative game that can also work economically.

It is very hard to get right!”, Ian Baverstock explains.

You can view and listen to the first part of the third panel discussion in the video below:


Ending off the official part of the event was Ste Curran, who performed his speech about “Killing the Games industry”. An immersive and different take on the traditional power-point speeches, mixed with dramatic sounds and acting, which left the crowd truly astonished!


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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