AdoptMyGame Connects Devs, Publishers and Investors

Game developers, publisher, distributors, and investors of any size and shape are matched and connected on the newly-launched AdoptMyGame platform.

Finding the correct investor for your studio and just the right publisher for your game are two of the most troublesome and time consuming tasks that many game developers have to face.

AdoptMyGame hopes to change that by connecting developers with the correct investors and publishers.

The platform allows game developers to list their games for free, and potential investors and publishers can then filter and search for games that fit their investment profile, or that fit into the genre and size of game that a publisher is looking for.

Once an investor or publisher has found an interesting game, the company will be able to contact the developer.

All of this is completely free, and the platform is meant to help developers of all sorts of games; from mobile, to PC, to console.

“Our objective is to connect Developers with partners who can help them unleash the full potential of their projects, to finally give the result of their hard work what it deserves: having the game visible to a maximum number of players.”, Marketing Manager at AdoptMyGame, Mikaël Bourget, says to Nordic Game Bits.


For testing purposes, there is a Demo version of the website containing “fake content” that does not require registration.The website can be tested here.


AdoptMyGame is truly for developers by developers as the platform is developed by Polish game developer QubicGames.

Mikaël Bourget of AdoptMyGame

And Bourget says that the entire team hopes that AdoptMyGame will be used by developers of all shapes and sizes, with games in various phases of the development cycle.

What really matters is that your project is serious, that you have the skills to carry out the project, and that you actually want to be contacted by people who can help you with distribution, investments etc., he says.

And Windows Phone publisher Game Troopers agrees that the platform will be, and already is, helping many publishers finding just the right game for them.

“I have been testing AdoptMyGame, and I have to admit that it is a live saver for us as publishers I have already contacted developers really interesting for us, with top-of-the-line stuff.”, Game Troopers said.


Some may worry that the platform will soon be overrun by games and that it will gradually become harder and harder to be recognized by distributors, investors, or publisher – the group of users that AdoptMyGame calls “Buyers”.

Some of the many publishers currently on AdoptMyGame

But according to Bourget, the platform has plenty of filtering mechanisms in place, ensuring that your game will be found if a buyer is looking for a game like yours:

“If you are a Developer, you might think that the website will become a jungle where your game will go unnoticed. But actually that’s not true because players have different gaming desires, and therefore Buyers have very different needs. Your game will always fit what somebody is looking for.”

“That’s why the strength of AdoptMyGame is to give Buyers precise filters and user-friendly options to customize what they want to see. Roaming through the jungle becomes a piece of cake. If they look for a game like yours, they’ll find you right away.”, Bourget explains.


Regarding the business model, Bourget ensures us that the platform will stay free for the time being, and that when the platform will eventually introduce a business model, it will not intervene with the communication between developers and buyers.

“For now, the system is entirely free to use. Later on there will be a single price to pay if you want your game to be visible for a relatively long time.”

“Most importantly I want to inform that we are not getting involved in any business that could be held between a Developer and a Buyer. Buyers can in one click see your contact details, and that’s it. We don’t act further than that.”, Bourget concludes.


You can join AdoptMyGame right here.

If enough Nordic game developers signup and enter their game details, we will be able to feature your games on the platform. But more about that later. Please contact us at: if you have signed up your game. We’ll then get in touch regarding the featuring when it becomes relevant.


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.