Press Play Wins Big at Spilprisen

Microsoft-owned Press Play was the big winner at the Danish Spilprisen, taking home three awards including ‘Best Game’.


A significant part of the around 750 people working full-time in the Danish games industry seemed to have turned up last evening at the concert venue, Pumpehuset, in Copenhagen. The big room was filled to the last chair, and in the back, a row of standing people was rounding off the crowd equipped with either plastic cups with beer or champagne flutes picked from the white table in the foyer.

The big objective of the evening was the handing out of the Spilprisen Awards. The Danish games industry’s own award, reserved for games developed locally in the country. The award has been in existence since 2013, but this year represented a leap upwards in terms of the size of the venue, the number of awards, and in general, the resources poured into creating a worthwhile awards show by the main organizer, the Danish games industry trade organization, Producentforeningen.


The two hosts of the evening, Danish games journalism’s Grand Old Man and headmaster of Vallekilde Game Academy, Thomas Vigild, and British/American game designer and theorist Richard Lemarchand set the mood as they introduced their very own brand of karaoke. Taking a page from the very popular Marioke at this year’s Nordic Game Conference, the two hosts treated the audience to their very own interpretations of classics like My Way and Imagine, but now with lyrics about the vices of free-2-play mechanics and bug-filled beta-releases.

However, once the show got underway, it turned out to really be Press Play’s night. They managed to grab no less than three of the awards, but they also had the advantage of having no less than three games eligible for nominations this year. Thus, they received the award for Best Visual Design for Max: The Curse of Bortherhood, while Kalimba gave them the awards for Best Game Design and Game of the Year.


But even if they managed to have three games in the running, winning the awards was still a very pleasant surprise for Press Play, their Studio Director Ole Teglbjærg told Nordic Game Bits.

We had of course hoped for it, but you have to be careful about ‘expecting’ to get awards

“We’re just super happy about the one we got. How lame it may sound, it always just feels really great to get recognized by a jury of competent people from the business,” he tells.


No other developer managed to walk away with more than one award during the evening. Both an indication of Press Play having made some really great games, but probably also a sign of a pretty healthy and diverse Danish industry, where the one or two big releases don’t automatically get all the praise.

Here is the complete list of all winners and nomnees:

Best Showcase

  • Scouts – DADIU
  • Plantman – Dennis Nielsen (National Danish Film School) – Winner
  • Wonder Wool – DADIU
  • Greedy Grablins – DADIU
  • Sky Agent – Muton Softworks

Best Sound Design

  • Fjerkongens Rige – Copenhagen Bombay
  • Bee Brilliant – Tactile Entertainment
  • Tentacles: Enter the mind – PressPlay – Hans Kock
  • The Silent Age: Episode 2 – House on Fire – Morten Mygind & Thomas Ryder  – Winner
  • Kalimba – PressPlay – Asger Strandby & Hans Kock

Best Game Design

  • Chronology – Osao Games – Niels Højgaard Sørensen
  • The Silent Age: Episode 2 – House on Fire – Thomas Ryder
  • Spoiler Alert – MegaFuzz – Jeff Jensen
  • Kalimba – PressPlay – Bo Strandby – Winner
  • Space Hulk Ascension – Full Control – Ruddi Bodholdt Dal & Thomas Lund

Best Educational Game

  • Machineers – Lohika – Winner
  • Lego Duplo Food – CapeCPH

Best Visual Design

  • Chronology – Osao Games – Juan Garcia
  • Tentacles: Enter the mind – PressPlay – Benjamin Magnussen
  • The Silent Age: Episode 2 – House on Fire – Thomas Ryder
  • Kalimba – PressPlay – Thor Leon Olsen
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – PressPlay – Lasse Middelbo Outzen – Winner

Best Danish Language Game

  • Fjerkongens Rige – Copenhagen Bombay
  • Wuwu & co – Step In Books – Winner

Artistic Achievement

  • Chronology – Osao Games – Winner
  • Heartbeats – Kong Orange
  • Kalimba – PressPlay

Best Technical Achievement

  • Jagged Alliance – Full Control
  • Kalimba – PressPlay
  • Heroes & Generals – Reto-Moto – Winner
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – PressPlay

Game of the Year

  • Chronology – Osao Games
  • The Silent Age: Episode 2 – House on Fire
  • Kalimba – PressPlay – Winner
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – PressPlay

Special Mentions

  • Back to Bed – Bedtime Digital Games
  • Unity3d

Disclamier: The author of this article was part of the jury at his year’s Spilprisen

Multi-passionate game developer and journalist. Has been writing about the Danish games industry for more than ten years, and creating audio design for both Danish and International games for almost as long.

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