Incubator STUGAN Announces First Lineup

The Swedish game developer incubator STUGAN has now chosen the first batch of upcoming game developers who will be participating in the program this summer.


The Swedish game incubator STUGAN, started by some of the biggest names in the Swedish games industry, has now announced the first batch of game developers that have been accepted into the program for its inaugural season happening this summer.

The Stugan cabin is waiting for the chosen developers.

STUGAN has been very clear about the program being open to developers from the whole world, and the results are showing in the final roster of developers, who will be living at the Swedish cabin for 12 weeks this summer.  The program starts June 22 and runs through to August 15, which is when the final presentations and winner selection will happen in Stockholm in front of press, VCs, developers and other thought leaders in the games space.


Here are all the selected developers.

Data Realms (Sweden/Slovakia /4 persons) – Planetoid pioneers

Assemble vehicles, contraptions, and even biological life forms to help you explore the mysterious caves of alien Planetoids. When your creations break apart due to the unique physics engine, simply recycle the resources locked in the wreckage and build something else that will be fun or useful in the immediate situation


Clint Siu (US/1 person) – PRISM

A puzzle game for iPad about atomic matter. By exploring symbols, patterns, and colors through touch, the molecular world unfolds around you. And you ultimately discover how everything in the universe, including life itself, was formed from the tiniest of pieces.


Wendelin Reich (Germany/1 person) – A Dog’s Heart

This is not a ‘winnable’ game, but an experience and exploration. It is short and conceptually simple, played in first person on touchscreen devices. The player is on an island with plants and butterflies. Through 5 self-contained levels, all focusing on ONE social emotion, he befriends an 8-month old puppy named Mimi.


That Brain (Sweden/4 persons) – 20.000 Leagues above the Clouds

Set in a world of floating islands, far up in the sky. You are the captain of an airship with its crew, on a steampunk voyage across the seven skies. You’ll find your success through missions, trading, resource gathering or piracy.


Rosvita Works (UK/Portugal/3 persons) – Rosvita

A puzzle adventure game which follows the journey of a girl called Rosvita as she traverses through a strange and uncanny land discovering the sad secret of her life and the world around her.


Mark Backler (UK/1 person) – The Last Word

Narrative focused 2D platformer set in the diary of a young girl named Izzy, who’s aspiring to be a writer. It sees players needing to move words around the screen to solve different puzzles. They must collect scraps of paper to piece together the different chapters of her torn up story, which they then get to explore, and is set in a colourful fantasy world.


Tanmay Chinchkar (India/1 person) – Last Diamond

A team based multiplayer heist game. The idea is based around futuristic cops vs thieves battling over diamonds. Two teams play multiple rounds, and the team to steal the most number of diamonds wins


Amy Roberts (US/1 person) – Sunshine

Sunshine is a game about the surveillance state and globalization, inspired by the Edward Snowden leaks. It is a tense, story-rich first-person game designed to last one hour per playthrough


Ditto (Sweden/1 person) – Planeter

It’s a game about creating the universe, meeting friends and finding out who you are. You jump between tiny planets, that you’ve created, building a little party of aliens that have to work together to make progress. On the planets you create you will find new friends, forgotten artifacts and puzzles to solve.


Bryan Gale (UK/1 person) – Induction

An abstract puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes. You control a cube moving around an isometric world, and are given the ability to jump through time. The game begins simply by asking you to learn how to co-operate with your past self. It then builds in complexity, asking you to break and repair timelines, using paradoxes to your advantage but resolving them before you can complete each puzzle.


Peter Cardwell-Gardner (South Africa/1 person) – Cadence

A marriage of art and music – the game can be hard to understand until you experience it for yourself. Players have to create loops by making connections between nodes. Nodes have different rules; this not only makes for some head scratching puzzles, but also creates a huge number of possible solutions.


Nacho (Spain/1 person) – Cerulean Moon

A videogame about pushing the world with your finger. Instead of pushing on the d-pad to make the main character advance you slide the floor under the main character’s feet. This has significant gameplay implications in the game, which somewhat feels like a platformer even though there’s no jump button.


Clifton & Ryan (US/2 persons) – Keyhole

A timeline exploration game where the player’s actions affect the people and civilizations in the world. As the player travels forward and backward along the world’s timeline, items are picked up at one point and placed at another, resulting in new branches of reality, new lands to explore, and new characters to meet.


Robin Baumgarten (Germany/1 person) – Robot Space Mining

A simulation game where the emphasis lies on exploration, base building and expansion through research and mining, and a total absence of war and conflict. In the game world, the player controls an overseer AI that manages and grows a small robot outpost on an asteroid.


Geeiz Games (Australia/2 persons) – Intergalactic Space Princess

A hyperactive adventure game about mistaken identity roaming all across the galaxy. Confused for the real space princess, you play as a sassy 14 year old girl, Meline, a girl who finds herself accidentally teleported into a mysterious new dimension.

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