Launching a Free Job Board for the Norwegian Games Industry

Are you a Norwegian games studio looking to find just the right people for your company, or a game developer searching for a job in the Norwegian games industry? 

Then we’ve got news for you! As of today, Gamedev Norway and NordicGameBits have launched the “Jobs in the Norwegian Games Industry” board.

In all its simplicity, the job board is a Google Sheet document listing the company, position type, workplace, date, and a link to the full job position description. The document can be updated by both Gamedev Norway and NordicGameBits, and anyone with the link can view it.

Oh, and it’s all 100% free – of course But we need your help with keeping it updated, so if there’s anything missing, or if you’re opening a new job position – be sure to reach out! The contact details are in the document.


So why a job board for the Norwegian games industry, and why now? 

For a long time now, both the Danish, Swedish, and Finnish games industry have had some sort of job board. But Norway hasn’t – well, not until today.

And although the games industry is a sometimes thought of a niche, it is quickly growing in Norway, so the job board comes just at the right time, Sylvia Duerr of Gamedev Norway explains:

“Game Development in Norway is a rapidly growing industry right now, and this is our way to help make it easier for game studios to get into contact with aspiring developers, their audience, and vice versa. Game development is a niche, and this kind of portal is not available elsewhere in Norway.”, she says.


For Norwegian Game Developers (or anyone looking for a different job):
Whether you just moved to Norway, re-located to another city, or is just looking for a different job, getting an overview of open positions in the Norwegian games industry has never been easier.

With the job board for Norwegian game developers we aim to help all Norwegian game developers with finding just the right job in the games industry, so please be sure to share the link around, and show it to friends who are looking for a job in the industry.


For Norwegian Games Studios:
For Norwegian games studios, you now have a place to post all your job openings completely free, giving more exposure to your studio.

In addition, both Gamedev Norway and NordicGameBits will link to the job board as a de facto standard resource for information about jobs in the Norwegian games industry.

Our only request is that you will help us keep the job board updated. So please reach out to us or Gamedev Norway whenever a position opens up!


Find the job board right here (or in the sidebar of NordicGameBits).


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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