This Week in Games – Week 38

 This article is part of the weekly “This Week in Games” article-series on Nordic Game Bits. The purpose of the series is to collect and wrap-up all the news that we did not cover with a full article on NordicGameBits form the past weeks. 

Ancestory to Release on Steam October 13

Developed by a bunch of Finish students, Ancestory is a “turn-based strategy meets card game”, which will be released on October 13 on Steam, published by Finnish Kajak Games.

The game has been developed using the Unreal Engine, and a cinematic trailer for the game can be found here:



Swedish Gaming Corps Set to Acquire Visual Dreams

In a true Swedish acquisition love-story, Swedish Gaming Corps is set to acquire Swedish Visual Dreams very soon. Both studios develop mobile games, and Visual Dreams in particular have had a huge success with a series of mobile basketball games.

“Visual Dreams has managed to build a large and enthusiastic base of players worldwide and we see Slam Dunk Basketball as an excellent tool to complete the already started negotiations with some of the biggest names in the world of basketball. That in combination with the opportunities we have to develop the game further, we believe to be a very good deal for fans of the game, fans of basketball and not least our shareholders.”, Gaming Corps CEO, Nicklas Dunham said about the acquisition.



Finnish Kyy Games Launches Kickstarter for Cabals: The Board Game

“Outmaneuver your friends in this two to four player card game of strategy and tactic! Based on the popular digital game ‘Cabals’.”. That’s the pitch from Finnish games studio Kyy Games‘ new Kickstarter campaign for a physical card game. In the new Kickstarter campaign, the studio aims to raise at least $25,000 in 31 days, and has so far received about $3000 (as of this writing).

And I say “new” because Kyy Games actually tried to raise a round on Kickstarter previously, although that project was cancelled and never met its goal. Let’s hope the market is more ready this time.



GameCity Aalborg Unites the Games Scene in Northern Denmark

Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark, and has for long played a central role in the Danish games scene, with studios like Interceptor Entertainment and Bedtime Digital Games located in the city, and with several games-focused educational programs.

Now, however, the city will take its next step towards becoming a true “Game City”, with the GameCity Aalborg initiative. And the goal? Put Aalborg on the world map in terms of game development. Project lead, Dolan Sund, explains:

“Under the GameCity Aalborg umbrella we find successful companies such as Bedtime Digital Games, Interceptor Entertainment, CEGO, and several smaller newly established games companies. I believe that we can create even more jobs, internships, and new companies through a closer cooperation between game companies and the educational institutions. “, he says.



Stardust Galaxy Warriors to be Showed off at Unity’s Unity Boston

Along with several other game developers, Finnish Vasara Entertainment will be going to Unity’s Unite Boston #MadeWithUnity showcase coming up next week, they announced this week. At the conference, the studio will be showing off their game, Stardust Galaxy Warriors, which went through Steam Greenlight earlier this year.



Affordable Space Adventures Releases in Japan Under New Name

Danish KnapNok Games‘ huge indie hit “Affordable Space Adventures” is on its way to Japan right now. In that relation, the game has gotten a new name, and will thus be known as “U-explore Space Adventures” in Japan when it releases.

In addition, the game has also received a new, Japanese, trailer, which is embedded below:



Swedish Simogo releases Year Walk on Wii U

Simogo was founded in 2010 and is mostly known for their mobile games. But this week, the Swedish studio entered the console scene for the first time with a Wii U version of Year Walk.

The game was originally released on iOS in 2013, but has since also been released for PC on Steam in March 2014, and has now made its way to the Wii U.




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