5 Nordic Studios Nominated For World’s Largest Video Game Award

Super Mario 64 won one, The Legend of Zelda won one, so did the original Battlefield game, and Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mortal Kombat both own one of these too. What are we talking about? The Golden Joystick Award, of course.

The Golden Joystick Award is the biggest video game award show in the world, with over nine million votes cast last year. And this year, on the award show’s 33rd year, two Nordic studios have been nominated for one of the prestigious awards.

The winners are determined by popular vote, and every gamer, from hardcore RPG fans to casual candy crush players, can cast their votes.

Nominated alongside Blizzard, GTA 5, Bloodborne and other huge titles and studios are:


Kalimba from Danish Press Play is nominated for “Best Multiplayer Game”

Kalimba from Danish Press Play, which is nominated for one of the larger awards, “Best Multiplayer Game”. Other nominees in the category include Bloodborne, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Heroes of the Storm, to just name a few.

Press Play is a Copenhagen-based developer now owned by Microsoft Studios, and was founded in 2006. Since then, the studio have developed over twenty games, and worked on 5 own IP’s.


Finnish Housemarque, who is nominated for “Studio of the Year” alongside studios such as Bungie, CD Projekt Red, and Blizzard.

As the oldest games studios in Finland, Housemarque has since 1995 released a broad range of games, many of which have been PlayStation exclusives.


Affordable Space Adventures is nominated for “Best Indie Game” and “Innovation of the Year”

Affordable Space Adventures from Danish Knapnok Games has been nominated for both “Best Indie Game” and “Innovation of the Year”, where they compete against titles such as Kerbal Space Programme and the first-person mode in GTA 5.

Knapnok Games is based in Copenhagen, and has 2009 released two games; Spin The Bottle, and Affordable Space Adventures.


Cities: Skylines is nominated for “PC Game of the Year”

Swedish Paradox and Finnish Colossal Order’s “Cities: Skylines” is nominated for the grand title of “PC Game of the Year”, along Heroes of the Storm, Elite Dangerous, and – yes, once again – GTA 5.

Based in Tampere, Finland, Colossal Order have since 2009 developed the “Cities” series of games, and to great success. All of the games have been published by Swedish Paradox Interactive, which since 1999 have developed into becoming one of the largest PC game developer and publishers in the Nordic.


Pillars of Eternity is nominated for “Best Storytelling” and “PC Game of the Year”

Pillars of Eternity, which has been published by Swedish Paradox Interactive has been nominated for both “PC Game of the Year”, thus competing with Cities: Skylines, and for “Best Storytelling”, where it competes against the likes of Life is Strange, Far Cry 4, and Batman Arkham Knight.

This makes Paradox Interactive’s total amount of nominations reach 3.


Most importantly: Do not forget to vote for your favorite Nordic game developers and their games. To vote, simply click here.


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