Games Business 2015 Keynote Speaker Announcement

For the fourth edition of the Games Business conference, which NordicGameBits is co-organizing this year on the 7th of December, Tommy Palm will be among the many speakers who will come to discuss the future of business in the games industry. 

Games Business 2015 is Denmark’s largest conference for Nordic game developers, focusing on the future of business in the games industry. For the first time this year, us at NordicGameBits will co-organize the conference together with the usual hosts, consisting of the two Danish industry organizations Shareplay and Interactive Denmark.

The day will consist of several speakers taking the scene to talk about their personal experiences with doing business in the games industry, but today we’re honored to be able to announce the first of the keynote speakers, which is ex-king and now VR-studio Resolution Games co-founder, Tommy Palm.

Tommy Palm will be joining us at Games Business 2015, where he’ll have the opening keynote as well as participate in the expert panel discussion about “visions of the future” for the games industry.


“Having the games industry come together to share best practices and lessons learned is critical. That was one of the keys in making mobile games so successful was building upon advancements and creating an open forum for discussion. And, it will be an equally necessary component in making emerging games platforms like VR and AR successful.”, Tommy Palm says to NordicGameBits about the importance of Games Business 2015.


During his time at King, Tommy Palm’s title was ‘Game Guru’, and he was responsible for adapting the web version of Candy Crush into the worldwide mobile megahit, Candy Crush Saga, that beyond any doubt established as one of the biggest players in the world of mobile games. Often acting as spokesperson for in general in Candy Crunch Saga in particular, he was the public face of one of the biggest mobile successes ever.

In January 2015, however, Palm left King to start his own Virtual Reality studio, Resolution Games, which by August this year, received a $6 million investment from Google Ventures among others.


Read more about: Resolution Games’ $6 Million Google Ventures Investment


More speakers are to be announced throughout the week, so stay tuned, and remember to reserve your tickets today


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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