Ookoohko – The More Than Okay’ish Finnish Developer

We talked to Ookoohko about games, intolerance and about having the longest Skype conversation known to man.

Finnish Ookoohko Games is a game developer a little out of the ordinary. For starters, the three guys behind the company aren’t even based in the same city. And furthermore, they have an objective of being ‘fiercely independent’, as described by Toni Laakso, product manager at Ookoohko:

“It means doing things your own way instead of the latest formula for a quick buck,” he says.


Toni Laakso and his two partners in crime, Sami Arola and Jarkko Salminen, are working out of Helsinki, Tampere and Stockholm. But they make it work, he says:

Upcoming Zero Tolerance Hero by Ookoohko

“We have the longest Skype chat known to man going on. Occasionally, we meet to make sure we still like each other,” he explains.

The trio has already released one game, called Get Outta My Galaxy, and has another on the way, Zero Tolerance Hero, which could be finished within six months. And in some way, both games ended up being about intolerance, Toni Laakso explains:

“When we started Zero Tolerance Hero we wanted to make a simple and fun side scroller. Somehow this one also became a way to experience intolerance first hand. But we’re glad to provide people with a safe environment to test how it feels like without having to take it out on actual people. Or bulldogs,” he says.


But what does Ookoohko mean? Well, it’s quite simple, actually:

“Ookoo + hko in Finnish equals Okay + ish in English. We’re modest like that,” Toni Laakso says.

And the future plans for him and the rest of Ookoohko are just that ­ modest, although we’re certain that the team can achieve much more than that:

“With any luck, a third game.”


Gamer, metalhead and journalist, not always in that order. Bo started gaming when he was eight and has been following the gaming industry since.

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