Konsoll 2015 Will Be the Largest Norwegian Games Conference

It started with only 74 attendees in 2012, but this year, the Norwegian Game Developers’ Guild’s Konsoll conference in Bergen, Norway, aims to reach nearly 400 attendees.


The Norwegian games industry is growing at a fast pace. In 2015, the industry had over 50 game releases, but the country still only has one large games studio, FunCom, which means that the majority of game developers in Norway work as indie developers.

With so many smaller game developers in the industry, Konsoll 2015’s goal is therefore to bring them and other Nordic game developers all together in a day of knowledge sharing, inspiration, and networking.

“We want game developers to come and feel inspired and boost their self confidence. We want them to leave the conference feeling reassured that they’ve made the right choice becoming game developers and having made several new and fruitful friendships along the way.”, Project Manager of Konsoll, Linn Sövig says to Nordic Game Bits.


The conference runs throughout two full days, and takes place from October 29th – 30th. The two days will consists of not only panel discussions and talks from experts from all over the world, but also 4 smaller workshops with a maximum of 30 attendees each that focus on a particular subject within game development.

These four topics are art, artificial intelligence, monetization, and game design.

With this broad range of talks, discussions, and workshops, Konsoll aims to be a conference catering to every part of the Norwegian games industry, and this year, Sövig feels that they have really achieved that:

“We want Konsoll to be accessible to students, game developers, wanna be game developers, artists, sound engineers, programmers and people interested in the culture og game development. We try to cater to all and we really believe that we’ve done that this year.”, she says.


The regular ticket price is 530 Norwegian Kroner, and for students it’s 380. Tickets can be bought here.

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