Release Date and Award for Krillbite’s Among The Sleep

Krillbite have announced the PS4 release date for their upcoming horror title “Among The Sleep”.


On the 10th of December, PlayStation 4 owners should prepare to step into the mind of a two-year old’s vivid and scary imagination, as Norwegian developers Krillbite release Among The Sleep onto the console.

The game is actually a port from PC, but has received a full visual upgrade, which has taken some time – and produced some strange experiences for the developers in the process, Kristina Halvorsen, Chief of Marketing at Krillbite says in a blogpost on

We saw chairs floating and doing 360s as you grabbed them, and apples flying hundreds of kilometres an hour. Among the Sleep was actually quite fun with fruit flying around randomly, but it sort of broke the atmosphere so we made the apples go back to their fruitbowl.”


Krillbite and Among the Sleep’s award for “Most Creative Game”

And overhaul for the PS4 version seems to have paid off, as Among The Sleep has already received praise for it’s unique design. On the 19th of September, Kristina Halvorsen and artist Karoline Aske were at the PLAY 15 Festival in Hamburg, where the game won the award for “Most Creative Game.” The award came with a 3,000 euro prize and the judges were particularly excited about the game’s creative storytelling and visual take on the horror genre.

“The prize is very prestigious for us, as this is the first recognition the game has gotten in a big, European country,” Kristina Halvorsen says in a press release.

With Among The Sleep in stores just in time for the holidays, Kristina Halvorsen hopes to see recognition for the game from the gamers as well:

“We are so proud of the PlayStation 4 version of the game and can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! The PC community have given us so much love for this horror game and we hope you will enjoy this even more polished version of the game,” she says in her blogpost.


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