Innovation Norway Launches New Program to Export Games

Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) launches a “Games Go Global” program together with the Ministry of Culture and the Norwegian government, aiming to support the games industry by helping games studios make their games to global. 

The project is still in its early stages, but Senior Adviser at Innovation Norway, Margit Klingen Daams, responded to NordicGameBits, and has offered a rare Margit Klingen Daamsinsight in the project.

Each nation has a way of doing things, some have cultivated a games development culture for decades, others not so much. Now, Norway wants to support Norwegian developers in creating good quality artwork of the interactive kind, and not least; to export it to the rest of the world.

According to Margit Klingen Daams, Innovation Norway, The Ministry of Culture, and the Norwegian Film Institute, has started a collaboration called Games Go Global, which is currently in the early phase of being planned. All three collaborators have high hopes that the new pilot program, and hope that it will have a huge impact on current affairs, when it launches in 2016.

“We have many different programs for many different sectors, and the newest is Games Go Global. When it comes to the development of the export program we are still in the first phase, and we have just started the collaboration between the partners. The work is based on a close collaboration with the industry, which is necessary to make this pilot program a success. The plan is to launch the export program early 2016. “, Says Margit Klingen Daams


Innovation Norway is owned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (51%) and the county authorities (49%). Their goal is to have Norwegian games exported at a higher rate than it currently is. Reviews of existing programs have shown that their current grant system is in fact effective in supporting startups and games development, but what they sorely lacked, was a foot in the door of the global market.

“The internationalization phase is a challenge for many sectors. Although globalization and digitization contributes to easier access to new markets, customers and suppliers, we are still not good enough when it comes to export. Feedback from the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in Norway shows that the main reason for this is lack of capital and knowledge to handle the internationalization process.”, Daams explains.

“The gaming industry has great potential, and Innovation Norway together with the Norwegian Film Institute and the Ministry of Culture are working together to be even better at helping the gaming industry in Norway.“ – Margit Klingen Daams


Innovation Norway plans on utilizing their current options to their fullest extent, and their website state that they already have offices in 36 countries, which can help aid the Norwegian developers.

They are certain that with their marketing competence, networks and language skills, they could be the foot in the door that Norway needs for a solid entry on the global market.
“We are looking forward to launching Games Go Global!”, Daams concludes.


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