Finnish Book Hopes to Educate on Gaming

.. And it’s free! The Game Educator’s Handbook offers thoughts on everything from game design to games in libraries.


As of earlier this month, The Game Educator’s Handbook is available for download, free of charge. The book was released in Finnish back in 2014, but has now been released in a revised international edition in English. It offers a guide to parents, schools, libraries – basically everyone interested in learning more about gaming as a phenomenon.

“When it comes to gaming (as a hobby, a sport, a profession or a potential source of trouble) there’s so much bias, so many correct or false perceptions, and conflicting comments that we together want to offer an easily approachable guide.”

“After reading, you will have a better understanding of what gaming is all about, why it interests people, why it’s addictive, and why it’s at the same time good in many ways,” the book’s authors say in the introduction.


The Game Educator’s Handbook is written by J. Tuomas Harviainen, Mikko Meriläinen and Tommi Tossavainen and has been co-funded by the European Union and the Finnish Ministry of Education. The book covers gaming from A to Z with chapters about everything from educational games, games in libraries as well as games’ effect on health and a chapter on games, gaming and gender.

Conclusively, it offers advice in regards to designing your own game, writing reviews, and making gaming social. And while the public debate on gaming tends to get a little ‘black and white’, the objective of the book is to broaden the perspective and familiarize educators with gaming:

“Game education is an integral part of the broader field of media education, the goal of which is to provide people of all ages with competence to function in today’s information society,” the book says.

So if you’re a parent, teacher or just interested in learning more about gaming on a broader scale, download The Game Educator’s Handbook for free.


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