Co-op and Mech Battles Without Grind in Vasara Debut

Stardust Galaxy Warriors’ Finnish developers Vasara have kept a strict ‘no-grind’-policy in the development of their first game. 

Recently, Vasara Entertainment opened the beta for their couch-multiplayer game, Stardust Galaxy Warriors. The sign-up for the beta closed at October 8th, but there’s still hope if you didn’t get a spot, says Heidi Mäenpää, Chief of Marketing at Vasara:

“The response has been fantastic! We didn’t expect such a large amount of Beta applications, and we’ve been selecting people who seem dedicated and genuinely interested in the game we are making. We are closing the application today since we are already way past our tester limit, but anyone who applied will get to see some exclusive content before release,” she says.


In Stardust Galaxy Warriors, 1-4 mechas fight their way through 30 levels strewn across 10 environments

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is a sidescrolling shooter where 1-4 players and their mecha alter egos have to battle through 30 different stages – or race for the highest score in an endless level.

And because co-op is a crucial element in the game, the team at Vasara has taken a route less traveled these days, Heidi Mäenpää says:

“When developing the game we have remained loyal to our “no-grind” philosophy: You can install the game anywhere and enjoy all our game’s exciting features. There is no need for you to spend hours trying to unlock weapons, levels or upgrades you enjoy the most as those are always at your disposal, and you can make the game as difficult as you can handle!”


In May, Vasara launched a collaboration with a Chinese developer to develop an as of right now undisclosed title. Due to a non-disclosure agreement, Vasara can’t say much at the moment, but Heidi Mäenpää is very excited about the collaboration:

“Making a deal with a huge, international influencer was definitely something we would never have expected when we first started talking about creating a game company!”

“It gave us the opportunity to keep all eight of us working and secured a convenient office location from the center of Tampere, Finland. Hopefully everyone will see the fruit of our labor next year when we are prepared to finish that project!”, she explains.

The release date for Stardust Galaxy Warriors has not yet been set in stone, but Vasara hopes to have news about the game’s release date within a couple of weeks, according to Heidi Mäenpää. And after Stardust Galaxy Warriors has been released, we can expect to see more along some of the same lines, she reveals:

“The genres and gameplay mechanics will vary in the future, but we will keep our games as ”no-grind” as possible. Also, Stardust Galaxy Warriors aims to be a very cheesy take on old Japanese arcade shooters, so that will not be something we will do with all our future projects. Even if mechas are really awesome!”


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