Might and Delight: Badgers, Space Ships and Parenthood

For five years now, Swedish developers Might and Delight’s goal has been to make games that stand out from the crowd.

Combining unique aesthetics with – for games – unfamiliar stories and settings, Might and Delight’s games have taken gamers on trips with badgers, lynxes – and in a space ship.

And that is the goal – to create games that combine a strong narrative with a unique setting, Vic Bassey, COO at Might and Delight says:

In the first Shelter, you play a mother badger on her way through the wild.

“It’s fairly easy to make a game, but we feel we are in a good position to make something unique. If you look at the Shelter series, for example, they combine this cute setting with some quite heavy themes such as separation and loss,” he explains.




According to Vic Bassey, one of the things that keeps the team at Might and Delight on their toes is the fact that they come from very different backgrounds.

“I think that it’s crucial and beneficial to have people providing different inputs. Actually, some of us don’t even play games, and that gives a fresh perspective on the development – and you can see it in our games as well,” he says.

The beginnings at Might and Delight were a bit slow, and the first couple of games received very little feedback. But with the release of the first Shelter, the Swedes experienced that the game’s unique style really resonated with the gamers.

“One heck of a community has been formed around those games. Shelter is about separation, loss, survival and parenthood, which I think is something that we can all relate to,” Vic Bassey says.


That community is something that Might and Delight is looking to build on in the future – and especially within the coming year, Vic Bassey concludes:

“We are trying to imprint who we are, which is something that we have been quite terrible at so far. And we have a lot of exciting announcements and titles coming in the next year, so we’re really looking forward to that.”


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