SkyGoblin Hopes to Crowdfund Ending of Trilogy

The Swedish studio have started a Kickstarter-campaign to fund the third and final chapter of The Journey Down.

Yesterday, Swedish developers SkyGoblin launched a campaign on Kickstarter for the third chapter of The Journey Down, a classic point-and-click adventure that tells the story of Bwana and Kito on their dangerous mission to find the mysterious Underland.

And classic is just what it is, says Mathias Johansson, co-founder and programmer at SkyGoblin:

“To us, a classic point and click is a game that harkens back to the golden era of the 90s with titles like Monkey Island, Space Quest and Kyrandia. We are huge fans of legendary adventure game studio LucasArts, and so our games takes a lot of inspiration from their particular style and game mechanics,” he says


The Journey Down has been made as a series of three episodes, where the first two have already been released on iOS and PC. And now, the company have launched a campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter to fund the conclusion. There were several reasons for that, Mathias Johansson says, starting with the most obvious:


“Well, we basically ran out of money. Or rather, our super-scientific fiscal estimates suggest that we’ll go broke before the game is ready. Going broke is not as scary now as it used to be though; we’ve hit rock bottom a couple of times in the 10 years of ups and downs that is our proud company history,” he explains, and continues:

“Also, crowdfunding the final part in a three-part series makes a million times more sense than crowdfunding the middle part. The main problem with episodic games is that player worry – for good reason – when and if the series will be completed. One year? Ten years? Now that we’re reaching the end of our trilogy, we can give players a solid answer to that question.


The point-and-click genre was one of the most popular genres in the early years of gaming with classics such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. The genre has been hibernating for some time, with a lot of publishers reluctant to release point-and-click games, but that doesn’t knock Mathias Johansson and his colleagues off their stride:

“The Journey Down is our love child. We made a very conscious move – in the exact opposite direction of the industry – going from online 3D farming free-to-play to single-player 2D premium adventure games. And we’ve never had more fun!”

Bwana, one of the main characters in The Journey Down.

For SkyGoblin, the first priority now is to get the third episode of The Journey Down funded. They hope to release it – if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds – in mid-2016 and give the backers what they paid for. Then, the Swedish developers are open for new opportunities, Mathias Johansson says:



“It would be fun to co-develop a game with another studio because the tiny size of our team limits the scope of what projects we can work with on our own. Or we might do a spin-off from The Journey Down. We’ll just have to wait and see!”


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