Betadwarf Looks to Kickstarter for “Last Mile”

Danish game developers BetaDwarf have launched their new Kickstarter campaign in the hope of getting the last mile and finish the follow-up to FORCED.


The sequel to Betadwarf’s successful game is Forced: Eternal Arenas, a 3D action brawler with deck building and strategic elements. The Danish developer started working on the sequel some time ago, Betadwarf Producer Frederik Denning says:

“We started developing the game two years ago, and since then it has undergone a million iterations. This also means that the budget didn’t quite hold, and now we are looking to fund the game via Kickstarter to get the last mile.”


Creating a game that attracts both casual and hardcore gamers is not easy. It’s only logical that it takes a gamer to know what gamers want, and

FORCED: Eternal Arenas should be a much bigger game than the original.

Betadwarf are more than gamers enough to do just that. Before becoming the Betadwarf we know today, the young guys lived at their university for 7 months unnoticed, spending their time working on their passion project, Forced. They grew up loving games, and they try to make games that they would play themselves.

“Eternal Arenas is a weird game in that sense, because it can easily be played by both casual and hardcore gamers. Our target audience is definitely people who enjoy games like Diablo, Binding of Isaac and action brawlers in general. But it’s also people who like to craft decks and lay out strategies. So a broad variety of gamers will enjoy the game based on different aspects in it,” Frederik Denning explains.


“You’re an awesome community to be a part of!”, – Frederik Denning on Danish and Nordic developers


Betadwarf is still not done with the universe and mythology of Forced and there is still more in store for the game’s fans. According to the guys, Forced: Eternal Arenas, is a much different game than its prequel. Not just in terms of mechanics, looks and tone, but in richness of the experience. Betadwarf seems like a developer that would rather publish one good game, than 10 mediocre ones, earning them props along the way.

“FORCED: Eternal Arenas is a vastly different game than FORCED. We are still hungry and not content to sit back on one defined concept. That being said, we are happy with the universe we have developed over the past five years, but are definitely going to expand it in the future – both within the concept of Eternal Arenas and outside of it,” says Frederik Denning.

At the time of this article, the Kickstarter campaign for FORCED: Eternal Arenas has raised almost 28,000 of its 75,0000$ goal.


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