This Week in Games – Week 42

 This article is part of the weekly “This Week in Games” article-series on Nordic Game Bits. The purpose of the series is to collect and wrap-up all the news that we did not cover with a full article on NordicGameBits form the past weeks. 

Gunnheim Releases on Steam

Just last evening, Finnish startup games studio Sieidi released their first game on Steam. Gunnheim – Vikings With Guns is absolutely as crazy as it sounds, and describes itself as “a top-down shooter where the equation is simple: vikings + guns = mayhem!”.

The game is published by Meridian 4.



Ancestory (also) Releases on Steam

Staying in Finland, and sticking to Steam, Finnish Kajak Games launched Ancestory on Steam this week too. The game is a turn-based strategy-meets-card game, and has launched with a 10% discount.



Danish War of Rights by Campfire Games Takes to Kickstarter

It’s not every day that a new Danish Kickstarter campaign launches, and even more rare is it for a campaign to seek €70.000 while achieving already more than 16% of that goal in just the first few days. But that is nonetheless the story of Campfire GamesWar of Rights Kickstarter Campaign, that currently has 28 days left on the platform.

We recently interviewed the ambitious team behind the Kickstarter campaign, so be sure to read why Campfire Games’ War of Rights is the Most Accurate Civil Wars FPS.



Rovio Launches Shakira game “Love Rocks Shakira” With No Birds

Yep, you read that right. There’s no birds in Rovio’s latest title called “Love Rocks Shakira“, but instead, you’ll travel with Shakira around the world in a new match-3 casual puzzle game from Rovio.



The Duckforce Rises Arrives on iOS

Developed by Finnish Sanoma and, of course, licensed by Disney, The Duckforce Rises is a true throwback to the 90s animation series and games based on the adventures of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge.

The free to play game is a card-battling RPG, and it is now available in New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Middle East.


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