This Week in Games – Week 43

 This article is part of the weekly “This Week in Games” article-series on Nordic Game Bits. The purpose of the series is to collect and wrap-up all the news that we did not cover with a full article on NordicGameBits form the past weeks. 

Wurm Online Released on Steam as Wurm Unlimited

Swedish Wurm Online was originally released in 2006, but the initial development was started already all the way back in 2003 by friends Rolf Jansson and Minecraft-creator Markus Persson.

Wurm Unlimited is an online MMORPG set in medieval times, and much like Minecraft, it allows for the player(s) to modify basically everything in the world around them. The game currently sells for €25,19 on Steam, at a 10% launch discount.



Alpha Polaris Released on Steam and Speaks Out on Reddit

Alpha Polaris is a Finnish horror adventure game that initially had a traditional retail release in 2011. Quit atypical for this day and age, you might say, but this week, the game finally released on Steam as well. In a recent Reddit post by Teme Wilson, the designer/producer of the game, he talks out about everything the team learned through making a retail released game.

An interesting read about “How to get a job in the games industry the hard way AKA what we learned making a retail-release horror adventure game“.



House on Fire and Nitro Games Nominated at Game Connection Awards

Danish House on Fire‘s point-and-click adventure The Silent Age is nominated for “Best Casual Game” and “Best Desktop / downloadble”. On the other hand, Finnish Nitro GamesRaids of Glory is nominated “Best Mobile / Tablets” and “Best Social Game”.

You can see all the nominees here, and vote for your favorite.



Bugbyte’s Battlestation: Harbinger Extended Edition Reaches Kickstarter goal

Third time is the charm, Bugbyte‘s CEO wrote in a Facebook update, as he announced that Battlestation: Harbinger Extended Edition had finally reached it’s Kickstarter goal, after 2 previous projects that failed to reach their goal. The small team at Bugbyte in Finland have been working hard for the past year to get their game funded, and it finally happened this week.

What a nice news to end off this article with, huh? Congratulations to everyone at Bugbyte!



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