Why Bugbyte is Re-Launching its Kickstarter Campaign One Year Later

A year after Finnish games studio Bugbyte’s Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming mobile and PC title “Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope” failed to reach its goal, the company is re-launching an improved version of the game on Kickstarter.


“We are flat broke, completely. We have had to ask our parents for money. It is that bad. If we do not succeed now then we cannot continue on like we have”, Bugbyte CEO Aksel Junkkila starts out, as he explains why the company is re-launching its Kickstarter campaign.

Bugbyte CEO, Aksel Junkkila

A year ago, the team managed to raise $13,000 on Kickstarter, which was $27,000 short of its funding goal.

But ever since the campaign was cancelled last year, Bugbyte has been hard at work on preparing the game for a re-launch, as they were very confident that the first campaign didn’t fail because of the game itself, but rather because the team was surprised by how competitive the Kickstarter-market really is.

“The first time kind of surprised us. We knew it would be hard, we knew we would have to get some big gaming website to write of us. We got none of the bigger websites to write about us and we still got over $13 000 raised.”, Junkkila says, and adds:

“Also when we looked at the statistics we could easily see there was an interest there for the game, especially when we found statistics for other successful Kickstarter games with similar conversion statistics.”

It is these conversations statistics that convinced the 3-man team at Bugbyte that if they worked hard on the game for another year, they might actually be able to pull off a successful Kickstarter campaign for the game.


So what has Bugbyte changed to increase their chances of success? 

The core team working on Battlestation

According to Junkkila, it comes down to the smaller funding goal, which is this time set at $25,000, and the fact that the studio is able to show more of the actual game footage this time around, as opposed to the cinematic video from last year’s campaign.

“We failed the first time simply because we did not achieve enough visibility. This is key in the industry. It is not enough to have a good game these days, it has to be interesting as well. Whether Battlestation can be interesting enough is still something that remains to be seen.”, Junkkila says.



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In addition, for the re-launched campaign, Bugbyte has attracted the attention of an investor, who is willing to invest, but only if Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope shows its worth and succeeds on Kickstarter.

A lot is therefore at stake for the team at Bugbyte these days, but things seem to be going in the right direction – at least for the premium iOS and Android versions of the game.

Because along with the new Kickstarter campaign, the studio have launched a premium mobile version of the game for iOS and Android – a version that is currently being featured by both Google and Apple.

“Battlestation: Harbinger is currently featured by both Google and Apple, we are making new selling records and we have yet again taken a step forward. Still, we cannot say if this will be a saving grace for us, because we don’t know what will happen when the first week of featuring is over. Most games dwindle to a drip of almost nothingness even after a featuring. We will have to wait and see how Harbinger continues on.”


You can check out the Kickstarter video for Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope below, or click the link to show your support and pledge a penny on Kickstarter.


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