Betadwarf on Kickstarter as a Business Model at Games Business 2015

Their Imgur image went viral once, they funded their first Kickstarter campaign, they went viral twice, and is now running their second Kickstarter campaign. And on December 7th, they’ll be speaking at Games Business 2015 about doing business in the games industry!

In case you didn’t guess it already, we’re of course talking about the team at Danish Betadwarf, the makers of the Forced game, which has now sold over 500 thousand copies across all platforms.

Betadwarf CEO, Steffen Kabbelgaard

Working out of Copenhagen, Denmark, the small team have been working on the follow up to their successful Kickstarter campaign for the first Forced game for quite some time now. And then, a few weeks ago, they finally went live with a Kickstarter campaign for Forced 2.

The first game was funded in December 1, 2012, receiving a total of over $65 000 from nearly two thousand backers. Something that was made possible in large due to a now famous image that went super viral on Imgur, receiving more than 1 million views.


But they’re coming back for more, and their next game, Forced 2, is now nearly done. The only issue is that the team has run out of money. So, what did they do?

Right, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for Forced 2, and in some magical way made another image on Imgur go viral once again, gathering already over 650 000 views!

The campaign for Forced 2 is still not 100% funded, but the campaign still has 8 days left, and it would surprise us if the team doesn’t have a trick or two up their sleeves to give the campaign that final boost.


For NordicGameBits’ Games Business 2015 conference, we have invited the CEO of Betadwarf, Steffen Kabbelgaard, to come share his thoughts on using crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter as part of a viable business model in the games industry.

He’ll be talking after the opening keynote by Swedish ex-King guru Tommy Palm, who will be joining us to talk about the future of business in the games industry too.

“I find sparring conferences super important, and I have personally avoided many catastrophes via ping pong with other developers. And it is exactly at these types of events that the right network and revelations jump out of the bushes and presents themselves for you”, Kabbelgaard says, as he looks forward to the December 7th conference.


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