Nordic Devs Nominated for Unity Awards 2015

Unity Technologies is heavily involved in the games industry with their development platform for creating games and interactive 3D and 2D experiences. Furthermore, they host the annual Unity Awards, which features four Nordic developers this year.

Every year, the Unity Awards are given to various games, apps and other interactive experiences made with Unity. The awards are held in Boston on the 22nd of September and feature awards for best 2D (and 3D for that matter) experience, best gameplay, best VR experience and the main price, the Unity Golden Cube.

And this year, the Nordic countries are represented by no less than four projects.


Cities: Skylines is nominated for the Golden Cube as well as in the ‘Community Choice’ category. Cities is developed by Finnish developers Colossal Order and has already seen a lot of success, not least in the modding community.

Frogclimbers is nominated for Best Student Project as well as in the ‘Community Choice’ category. It is developed by a Swedish team of developers and students from Campus Gotland in Uppsala called TeamCrew. The game is currently in it’s test phase, but has already won a number of rewards.

Angry Birds 2 is nominated for Best 2D Experience as well as in the ‘Community Choice’ category. Developed by Rovio, it is the hard sequel to the first Angry Birds, also known as the most downloaded mobile game of all time. The sequel is putting up a fight, though, with more than 30 million downloads so far.

Toca Kitchen 2 is nominated in the Best Non-Game Project and in the ‘Community Choice’ category. It is developed by Swedish developers Toca Boca, who specializes in making apps and games for children.


The Unity engine is far and away the dominant global game development software out there, and with hugely acclaimed successes, who can blame them? Worldwide, Unity takes a plus 45% share of the full feature game engine market, approximately three times that of their closest competitors.

According to Unity, in every major market in the world, an overwhelming majority of the top-grossing 3D mobile games, are made with third party tools using Unity. So to find Unity in some great Nordic games is no surprise, Cities: Skylines and Angry Birds 2, both from 2015, are among those developers.

So all in all, it is safe to say that Unity truly are responsible for the future of gaming. If they shape the next couple of years of games development, they can choose which direction the market goes, and that is a lot of power for one company to have, even if they have fought for it and deserve the recognition.


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