Quantum Game Jam Announced in Aarhus Denmark

The Quantum Game Jam finds it way to Aarhus in Denmark on the 18th-20th of September, combining the creativity of 50 game developers and 10 physicists.

This year, the event is hosted by ScienceAtHome, a research group dealing with gamification of quantum physics. The jam stated back in 2014, when the university of Helsinki hosted the initial event:

To my knowledge, the quantum game jam was first created last year by the university of Helsinki, as a way to promote knowledge about quantum physics, but also as a creative saltwater injection for the scientists involved in the project,” Lars Kroll Kristensen, producer at ScienceAtHome, explains.

The Quantum Game Jam was succesful and this year, other universities were invited to host their own Quantum Game Jam.

That is how we got involved: We do gamification of quantum physics research as our “normal” activity, so for us, it’s a no-brainer to participate in this jam.” Lars Kroll Kristensen says.


At the Quantum Game Jam, developers team up with scientists to find ways to create games where players interact with quantum physics as a way to be entertained and enlightened. ScienceAtHome hopes to be inspired by the creativity that unfolds at the event:

The goal of the jam, for us, is to get inspired by the local game jammers, see what they can come up with, and learn from their ideas. So, for us, there is an element of creative saltwater injection. Also, it is our purpose to disseminate knowledge about quantum physics, and we believe that making a game about a complex dynamic subject is a good way to learn about it,” Kristensen says.


It isn´t just about finding inspiration. ScienceAtHome also hopes to stimulate the participants creatively and that they learn something about the subject of quantum physics:

We hope the jammers will have a lot of fun over the course of the jam, make new friends and contacts, and hopefully also learn something about quantum physics,” Kristensen says.

He continues to explain how, despite the heavy subject matter, the jam is a casual event where everyone is welcome:

“We realise that quantum physics is a daunting subject, and we don’t expect our jammers to know or learn quantum physics, but we hope some of the crazy things that goes on in the quantum world can inspire them.”

The Quantum Game Jam takes place in Aarhus at the 18th to 19th September in one weekend where the participants will be jamming for approximately 48 hours. It is free to attend and ScienceAtHome will provide meals free of charge during the duration of the event. Join the event here.


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