Swedish Games Accelerator “Stugan” Comes to An End

… For now. The Swedish two-month accelerator program set in a cabin in the Swedish woods is ending, but it might return, says the program’s Project Manager.


For the past couple of months, the cabin Stugan (which actually means ‘cabin’ in Swedish) has been the home of 15 teams of game developers. The project ended with the beginning of September and it was a big success, says Jana Karlikova, Project Manager at Stugan:

We tried our best to make everything work and I think we succeeded. However, there are always things that can be improved, but nothing very significant. What we learned this year is that this concept that we created works very well and we should try to preserve it as it is,” she says.

Jana Karlikova, Project Manager at Stugan


Mattias ‘Ditto’ Dittrich, one of the participants, agrees. He joined Stugan on his own from Västerås, a Swedish city where the game development community is very small:

“It might sound silly, but going into Stugan I’d never actually seen game development ‘hands on’ apart from in the interviews and documentaries you can find on the internet. It was eye opening to see how much you can get done if you just have someone to share your work with! I’m still working alone on my current game PLANETER, but it’s definitely something I will have in mind for future project,” he says.


Both Mattias ‘Ditto’ Dittrich and Jana Karlikova highlight the sense of unity that occurred between the participants at Stugan. As ‘Ditto’ says:

“No matter how well you plan something like Stugan, it will come down to the people you have there. The organizer couldn’t have made a better choice, I can’t speak for myself, but the other Stuganeers are all amazing people and I’m so very happy to have shared this experience with them.”


The Stugan project also got quite a bit of attention from the media. That, combined with the very positive feedback from the participants, adds to Jana Karlikova’s hopes of repeating the success next year:

“Since the inaugural year of Stugan went really well and we got a good deal of interest from media, mentors and and game developers, we can expect to get even more applications next year and attract again some high profile mentors. We have already started talking to people about next year and for instance Peter Vesterbacka from Rovio said he would like to visit Stugan as a mentor next year,” she says.


At the moment, the Stugan project is looking for sponsors. If you are interested in helping out, you can contact them at [email protected]


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