Legendo to Release 3 Games for the New Apple TV

The Swedish veteran developer is releasing three games for the new generation of Apple TV.

In the beginning of September, Apple announced its new generation of Apple TV, which – among other things – has gaming capabilities. Already, a number of games have been announced for the new ‘console’, and among those are Swedish veteran studio Legendo who are releasing no less than three games for Apple Tv, CEO and Executive Producer Björn Larsson says:

“We’ve got three games in development for the new Apple TV. Armada of Undead is a social, couch-play strategy game for 1-4 players where an iPhone or iPad can optionally be used as a second screen device, displaying “private” data on the small screen while the TV provides an overview for all to watch. In addition to Armada, we’re working on a cooperative 2-player tvOS update for our Ghost’s n Goblins inspired Mario-style platformer Dracula Twins. Finally, we’ve been working on a brand new custom engine for Pure Pinball for quite some time, although it is not scheduled for release until summer 2016 due to brand and movie license matters,” he explains.


The games on Apple TV will be controlled through a traditional controller as well as a remote with a built-in gyroscope – a little like the Wiimote. And the team at Legendo are looking forward to working with the new controllers, Björn Larsson says:

“Making the best use of the Apple Remote’s new input possibilities certainly provide for a few interesting challenges, while the potential of ‘second screen’ gaming should result in lots of fun social games, for example quiz-type offerings I’m thinking along the lines of those old PlayStation Buzz!-series,” he says.

One of the games that Legendo is releasing for Apple TV is Armada of Undead Pirates, a couch-multiplayer strategy game

While the addition of Apple TV to the mobile gaming family comes with a lot of new exciting possibilities, it is also a challenge for developers, Björn Larsson explains:

“Without any social features to speak of, the lack of possibilities for communities to form, and last but not least, the one-way communicative review system, discovering new tvOS titles en masse is probably going to be driven by the (usual) top-lists coupled with recurring mentions in major media and blog outlets. On the brighter side, maybe the new Apple TV will pave the way for a fresh generation of YouTubers to help get the word out, and also, any tvOS app could potentially get extra visibility via mobile from an iOS counterpart,” he says.


Legendo is one of the veterans in the gaming industry. Founded in 1998, actually as one of the first gaming companies in Sweden, the company has evolved a bit since then, and is today focusing on one platform, Björn Larsson explains:

I would describe Legendo as independent, distributed, persistent, and for the moment, wholly focused on Apple platforms. Our games are built on arcade values; fun, attractive and accessible and always with the ambition to make good use of the given platform’s unique strengths and features,” he says.

The new generation of Apple TV is scheduled to be released in October.


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