Steam Catches House on Fire

What do you get when you mix a Danish game developer with a Canadian publisher? The answer is The Silent Age Episode 2, a point-and-click adventure game developed by Danish House on Fire, and published by Canadian Meridian4.

House on Fire is an indie game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was founded by Uni Dahl, Linda Randizzo and Thomas Ryder back in January 2011. They have recently launched The Silent Age Episode 2 on Steam, and not only that, they have also released it on iOS, Android and Kindle. Their target platforms are among others the iPhones, iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets. NordicGameBits had House of Fire CEO Uni Dahl share some valuable insight when we talked with the studio.

“We originally started House on Fire to develop games for mobile phones. The Silent Age was our first title, and back in 2011, we felt there was a lack of point-and-click adventure games on mobile. Going with mobile, we decided to focus on the experience, the flow through the game, rather than having players stuck in the same puzzles for hours and getting frustrated. We wanted the game to fit a more casual audience that is recognized on mobile.”,  Says CEO, Uni Dahl.

The Silent Age Episode 2

According to Uni Dahl, the reason why the studio have released their title on those platforms is that they initially tested their game on a PC. Once they were satisfied with the interaction in the game, there was really no need to build anything additionally for the PC devices. In other words, since the game was already fully compatible with a PC, there wasn’t much to fix to get it working on Steam.


“Using Unity3D, switching platform was incredibly easy. But as we got closer to launch, we started building more for the devices themselves, and ran into strange issues. The game for a long period would crash on Android at random locations. Without actually fixing the issue, by the time we wanted to launch, the game was working as our middle-ware got updated regularly.”, Uni Dahl explains.

“We’re now on Steam as well, and we’re seeing how PC compares to mobile in that it’s a much more hard-core audience. They can be ruthless, but very dedicated. They also play much quicker through the game than our more casual mobile audience.”, says Uni Dahl


As for the Canadian publisher Meridian4, Uni Dahl explains that once he was introduced to the Montreal based publisher, they were on the same level and understood each other in exciting ways. Meridian4 is an established game publisher in Canada, and they had a clear idea at to what was next for House on Fire.

The North-American publisher consists of more than 30 years of combined experience, including sales, distribution, production, marketing and promotions.

“I have talked with a lot of publishers. Some very amazing people, but in the end, we felt Meridian4 was the most honest about how they approach the task, and the only publisher we could really get to really commit to the game. We met them at Gamescom in Germany, and that night they sat up through the whole night, playing through The Silent Age, because they were hooked on it. With a full day of meetings the following day, I’m not sure it was so wise of them, but I knew they would give it their all.”, Uni Dahl continues.


The Danish games developer scene is very helpful and, according to Uni Dahl, there is a sense of fellowship and mindfulness among the Danish developers.

“I think the Danish development community has an amazing sense of connection and helping each other out, and I’m glad to be a part of that. What I’d love to see is the government investing as much in games as it does films. We are a small group of people and we want to create games that are unique. Games that we like playing ourselves. We’d like to see The Silent Age on more platforms. Consoles like the PS Vita would be perfect, if the players want it.”, Dahl concludes.




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