Here Are All the Winners from Nordic Game Jam 2015

*Updated* Now with links to all downloadable and playable NGJ15-titles!

It was a hot, happy group of 700 game developers who filled the Aalborg University Campus in Copenhagen, as the winners of this year’s Nordic Game Jam was announced.

After a weekend of almost non-stop game development was kicked off with a series of talks from people like Extra Credits’ John Portnow and indie mega-person and developer Steve Swink, a long weekend came to an end, as the jury handed out the awards for specific categories, while the popular vote decided the top three games of this year’s Nordic Game Jam.

The top three games of this years of Nordic Game Jam 2015 were:

#1 – The Wuuuuuuu
By Headspider

Described as a vocal multiplayer game, you control the central character by yelling at him. The game will pick up the noise level and adjust the height of the character’s head accordingly. Your job then is to guide little colored animals from the left side of the screen to the correct exit on the right side by letting them bounce off the central character’s head at the right height.

Can be downloaded here.


#2 – Look at My Drawing
By Goldenhamster

Madeleine is showing her father a drawing. Inside it, he is a rabbit. To her it is pretty obvious what’s going on, but is it to her father? – to you? A fun little puzzle platformer where the drawing comes alive as you tilt,  turn, and chase the carrots. But beware of the Unicorn Megasharks! The trick is that the stage is constructed from parallax layers, which you can manipulate.

You can play the game here.


#3 – Sneaky Elvis
By Team Heeger

Sneaky Elvis has been imprisoned in the Jailhouse of Rock, but fortunately he will make an Amazing Escape. Uh hu hu! The problem for Elvis is that he can’t stop singing, so his gradual rising and sinking voice must be timed with the rounds of the guards in order for him to be able to ‘leave the building’.

You can download the game here.


Jury’s Choice Award : Press F to Win

Best Multiplayer : The Wuuuuuuuuu

Best Audio Integration : Sneaky Elvis

Best use of HardwareLook at My Drawing

Best Game FeelHigh Fives

Most Marketable GameCopenhagen 2030

Best Seed Award – Game with most potential Awkward Ellie

Tobii award for best use of the Tobii eyetracker: Access Denied


Update: You can find all the playable and downloadable games from the Nordic Game Jam 2015 on here.


Nordic Game Bits says congratulations to all the winners!

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